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2018 Best in- ear bluetooth headphones


1. Jaybird X3- Best sport bluetooth earbuds

In the field of sports-oriented wireless headsets, Jaybird has many competitors, and the company consistently releases quality products to help raise the standard of the entire industry. JaybirdX3 is not the cheapest model in the products we tested, but it has a strong low-key and excellent high. The effect is safe and comfortable to wear, and is equipped with a juice-proof design, which is often suitable for fitness use.

The optional ear fins add a degree of stability, but even without the use of ear fins, individual earplugs provide adequate safety for most users. Inside the headset, a pocket-sized 6mm speaker delivers high-quality audio for you.

Jaybird's companion app Mysound is very useful, you can customize EQ yourself, or you can use Jaybird to configure various EQs for you. Using the system's own configuration is enough to satisfy you, but fine-tuning your own personalization is the most attractive place.

As for the audio performance of the headphones, when you do not use the MySound APP, once you adjust the audio track or bass effect in the music, X3 can get feedback immediately. For most other sports headphones, you won't get a bass sound without using the companion app, but JaybirdX3 can give you clear, beautiful high-end music enjoyment, of course, you can also use the Mysound app. To adjust the sound, consciousness and your unique taste.

The Jaybird X3 delivers a very powerful bass response when playing intense bass tracks. Even if you turn the volume up to the maximum, the bass effect will not be distorted.

2. Senso bluetooth wireless-- The most affordable wireless headset

In a music world full of Beats, Jaybird, Sony, and Bose, many people have never heard of a brand called Senso. If you delve into the research, you will find that they are a small company with only 6 products, and they are all sports Bluetooth headsets. Surprisingly, all of their products are very popular and well received by users. More importantly, the price is often cheap.

Compared to many other earphone products, its design is truly unique, and it is also very pleasing to watch. The overall appearance is simple black, with red embellishment, not at all fancy, needless to say, Senso pursues minimalism.

This Bluetooth headset is equipped with a beautiful carrying case, and also provides 3 different size earmuffs, eliminating the worry that the size is not suitable for you. In addition, the earphones are equipped with soft, flexible ear clips on both sides to make you more comfortable to wear.

Senso tooth headsets are designed for an active lifestyle, and the car's packaging also provides a small car charger that is convenient for car owners to charge their headphones. This is indeed unusual, and I believe other companies will follow suit in the near future.

As for the sound quality and overall performance issues that everyone cares about, in general, any moderately priced headphones often fail to provide good performance. Unexpectedly, the Senso Bluetooth headset provides very high fidelity sound quality, which is what makes us amazing. Of course, its sound quality is certainly not comparable to real high-end wired headsets, but many customers think he can compete with high-end models that are 10 times the price.

There is also an excellent feature worth mentioning. The waterproof rating of this headset is IPX7, which means you don't have to worry about wearing it even during intense sports, because its waterproof performance is really good.

Overall, the Senso Bluetooth headset features high fidelity sound, IPX7 waterproof performance, superior noise reduction technology, and great comfort. No obvious problems were found during our testing. Obviously, Senso's product is great.

3. Bose SoundSport wireless-- the best ANC bluetooth headphones

In the past few years, we have seen the influx of sports-oriented Bluetooth headsets, and Bose has often announced a high-profile announcement to join the competition.

For this category of products, the price of SoundSport wireless is undoubtedly high, but if the powerful low frequency sounds help your workout. Then it will definitely not let you look. on the other hand. We have reviewed several other lower cost options, to be honest, except for the price. There is hardly anything to complain about - Bose has created a very reliable sports Bluetooth headset.

The two earplugs are connected by a cable with a remote control and a microphone, and fit comfortably behind the neck. The earbuds extend slightly outward to seal your ear canal, and earbuds can be attached to each earplug to increase the concealment. Bose offers three sets of earmuffs of different sizes. So that everyone can get a solid and comfortable wearing experience - this is essential for high-intensity workouts, they are so light that you can't feel them. In addition. This headset is also sweat-proof and waterproof.

The product package comes with a USB charging cable (it's too short) and a round zip protector with hooks. The wireless charging kit is sold separately, the case is made of hard rubber and has a built-in USB charging cable. A micro USB port is provided externally, so you can charge it whether you put the headset inside or outside the charging package.

Bose's estimated battery life is about six hours. The exact result will vary depending on your playback volume. It takes two hours to fully charge the electricity.

The Bose Connect app lets you control all of Bose's current wireless products, even though the app has relatively few features. But very useful. You can adjust the time when the headset is automatically turned off, and you can also disable the robot's prompt when the headset is turned on/off.

For those who are passionate about enjoying the bass during the workout, SoundSport Wireless has everything you're after. It can exhibit a strong bass response, and the mid-high and high-frequency are also quite stable, which can effectively avoid the deviation of the rabbit balance sound.

Bose's enhanced bass and crisp high-pitched sounds attract a lot of sports enthusiasts who rely on audio to exercise. What makes everyone even more excited is that the latest fire red models have built-in heart rate monitors: Bose SoundSport wireless is as good as other products we tested. Or better in some respects, although its price is quite high.

4. Shure SE215 Wireless- the best sound wireless headphones.

In 2011, Shure introduced a wired headset model SE215. Now, this wireless sE215 appears again in people's field of vision, whether it is audio cable or neck strap, it can be removed. Most importantly, this headset delivers outstanding audio performance with a rich bass and clear treble.

There is a secret here. The old SE215 is exactly the same as the new one. They are just different cables. If you already have an old one, just buy a wireless Bluetooth cable so that it can be transformed into Wireless Headphones. This is a great way to inject new life into old-fashioned headphones, especially if you don't have a 3.5mm audio jack on your phone.

The SE215 wireless is available in four colors: black, white, translucent blue and transparent. The earbuds of each style are black. Since the cable is detachable, each earpiece is equipped with a cable interface.

It should be noted that Shure does not provide a cable cable, but you can purchase it for a little more money so that you can listen in wired mode.

Among the bass-rich tracks, the SE215Wireless provides a very deep low-frequency response, and most importantly, even if it is adjusted to the highest volume, there will be no distortion. At medium volume levels, the bass is still quite strong, but it is not as much improved as other Bluetooth headsets in this price range. For songs with low bass, this headset also delivers very accurate sound, aiming to be the most accurate wired/wireless headset on the market.

5. Beats---Most suitable for IOS devices

Beats is constantly updating its wireless headset lineup model. The latest Beatsx is a Bluetooth headset with an Apple WI chip that can be quickly paired and seamlessly connected to i0S devices, while also improving the performance of wireless connectivity. Most of the Beats products we tested provide excellent audio performance, and the Beats Bluetooth headset is no exception. It has a deep low and crisp high-end, and is one of the most recommended wireless headphones.

Headphones are available in a variety of colors: black, white, grey, blue, and the new matte silver and matte gold. The headphone cord has a flat design that will be harder when it is loosely placed behind your neck. The earplugs at both ends are magnetic - they can be attached together, easy to store and easy to carry.

Most IOS users will really like BeatsX, especially those with multiple devices. The W1 chip means that it can seamlessly connect to the various devices you have logged into the icloud account, and the connection speed will be extremely fast, even without the need to enter the Bluetooth menu to pair. When the headset is close to the device, the screen will pop up prompts and click to quickly establish a connection.

If you don't use iCloud, don't worry, Beatsx will only add a (very fast) step when switching between IOS devices. In addition, if you are interested in Beatsx, but don't have an Apple device, don't worry, because it can connect via Bluetooth like all other wireless headsets.

Another advantage of the WI chip is that it improves the range of connections. The BeatX and i0S devices are paired far beyond the traditional 30-foot (9-meter) right-hand side of the blue range: of course, if it is a non-IOS backup, then it It can only be paired with the standard blues.

Four pairs of different sizes of silicone earmuffs and a pair of detachable fit wing tips are provided in the product package to enhance the stability of wearing.

Beats' estimated battery life is about 8 hours. The headset uses Fast Fuel flash charging technology. When the battery is low, it can be played for 2 hours after 5 minutes of charging. This is definitely good news, especially considering the design time that does not automatically shut down even if you don't use it for a long time. Having said that, the lack of automatic shutdown or sleep mode seems to be a negligence.

The Beatsx is very comfortable to wear, but if you don't fully press it in your ear, the audio performance will change dramatically. If the sound of the headphones sounds thin and thin, then you may need to press them slightly inside the ear, or change a pair of different size earmuffs. When the earbuds are placed firmly, it will provide a stable, rich low response.

To date, Beatsx is the most popular model among all tested headphones equipped with WI chips. You get all the benefits of this chip, along with a comfortable wearing experience and a reasonable price (at least for Beats). But the main reason for winning our favor is its excellent balance of sound quality, as well as the crisp bass with a rich bass and matching.

6. JBL Reflect Mini BT-- Affordable sports Bluetooth headset

7. Sony MDR-XB50BS--Cheap and stylish Bluetooth headset

8. Plantronics BackBeat Go2--Beautiful economical Bluetooth headset

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