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25 hidden tips and tricks to using apple watch

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-30
Connect with Apple Watch. . .
You need to look under the surface for the best features of this wearable device.
Apple watches are on sale today.
The bad news is that you still have to wait a while to tie your watch to your wrist due to a shortage of inventory.
The good news is that you now have time to learn these hidden tips and tricks. 1.
Turn off and on: there is a power switch on your Apple iPhone.
There is no power switch on your Apple Watch.
But holding down the side button or friend button under the Digital Crown, you get three options: turn off the power; Power Reserve (
Turn off most watch functions but still let you know when the battery is low);
And locking device. 2.
Set calorie consumption: most activity trackers require you to set the number of steps you think you can achieve.
The Apple Watch tracks your movements based on the amount of calories burned.
The first time you set up your Apple Watch, it sets the calorie burn based on your age, gender, height and weight.
If you find it easy for you to reach the goal or not at all, you can reset the benchmark.
Click the active app on the watch to enter the mobile circle and force the Click to change the settings. 3.
Track your health: go to the Watch app on your iPhone to access the active app settings.
You can choose to summarize every week how you achieve your fitness goals.
You can also turn the stand reminder and progress updates on or off. Fit for life . . .
You can set a fitness goal for how many calories you burn every day. Source:AFP4.
Start now: if you\'re going out for a run, a walk or a bike ride, the sports app on your watch will count down three seconds to let you know when to start.
If you don\'t want to wait for three seconds, please click on the watch again and start your activity immediately. 5.
Scroll on: If you find it a bit difficult to navigate the app\'s screen, you don\'t have to click on the app to open it.
Rolling the Digital Crown will open any app you were in the middle of the screen at the time.
So, slide your app until the app you want is in the center and scroll the Digital Crown. 6.
Remote control: The watch does not have a camera, but it can be used as a convenient remote control for the iPhone camera.
Click on the camera icon on the watch and the camera app opens on the iPhone.
Take a look at your watch and click on the focus of your image.
You can choose to take pictures immediately by clicking the button, or you can choose to take pictures by clicking the 3 s button
The second countdown to the camera shooting 10 photos. 7.
Sweep up: by sweeping up from the bottom of the screen, you can quickly view the information.
You can manage the information you can get at a glance by browsing the Watch app on your iPhone.
You can change the order of information or you can delete items from browsing.
Decide what is most important to you and let you see it at first sight.
Track performance. . .
Watch check your heart rate while exercising.
Source: Wall Street Journal 8.
In and out: one of the advantages of the watch is managing your inbox.
Go to the Mail app on your phone to view your inbox.
Swipe left and you can delete the message or mark it.
If you feel the received email clicking on your wrist, first raise your wrist to show you the identity of the sender and then open the email.
Scroll to the bottom of the message to mark or delete the message. 9.
Zoom power: most people who use Apple Watch will tell you that sometimes you click the wrong icon when you try to click on a small app button.
If you find that the button is too small, you can go to General Settings and then do the accessibility in the watch app of your phone to set the zoom settings. Try a 1.
5 zoom as the starting point.
To access zoom, click on the digital crown three times.
Hit 3 times again and return to normal view. Zoom . . .
One feature of the accessibility options is to make these little buttons bigger. Source:AP10.
Voiceover: you may not want your Apple Watch to read everything aloud on your screen, but sometimes it can be very convenient.
On the watch app for your phone, go to \"universal\" and \"accessible\" to access voiceover.
You can control the volume and speed of speech.
This can be handy when you are in the car and have the watch read out the incoming information. 9.
Note down memo: Local Apple app that does not record voice memo using watch.
This may be met by third-party applications.
But you can also find a solution by adding yourself as a \"friend\" in the friends wheel.
Then leave a message, click on your name and send yourself a voice message.
You will find it as an audio clip in the messaging app for iPhone, iMac or iPad. Friends . . .
The button under the Digital Crown is an easy way to connect with people. Source:AP10.
Call a friend: You can answer the phone on your wrist with the speaker and microphone of your watch.
But there are times when you don\'t want to talk to your hands.
You can swipe up from the bottom to answer the phone or send a message to the caller. 11.
Notice you want: you may be happy with the notification from every app on your iPhone, but you will want your wrist to hum on important items.
Go to notifications in the Watch app on your phone and select which apps can send notifications to your wrist. 12.
Quick Control: The first view has several very convenient features.
You can mute the notifications on your watch, which is convenient if you are in a meeting.
If you can\'t find where your phone is at home, just tap the watch and the iPhone will alert you. 13.
Unlimited: It works best when the watch is connected to your iPhone, but it doesn\'t need to be connected to work.
If you don\'t want your iPhone to run, you can play up to 2 gb of music on your watch and listen using a Bluetooth headset. 14.
Smiling face: there is a good side and a bad side to use emoji on the watch.
There are three animated expressions in this watch series: smiling faces, hearts and gestures.
But if you swipe your card again, you can use the standard emoji.
If you click on one, it will send it immediately instead of having you create a series of emojis for a message. 15.
Not happy?
Press the animated smiling face hard to make the face red.
That\'s it if you\'re angry or embarrassed. 16.
Catch up flight: you can access your passbook on your watch even if your phone is turned off.
If you are going to use a watch as a boarding pass, it will be very convenient when boarding.
It would be better to have a Plan B, such as a printed boarding pass or your iPhone, as the result of our boarding with a watch is mixed.
On a Virgin flight in Brisbane, the plane took off smoothly.
However, when boarding Qantas flight in Sydney, at the gate, we tried to put the watch under the scanner, which was not possible. 17.
On the Pulse: The Watch records your heart rate every 10 minutes.
But if you want to see your heart rate now, you can see it at a glance. Feel the beat . . .
Look at your heart rate. Source:AFP18.
Silent Voice: If you are in a theater or other quiet place and suddenly get a call to remind you to forget to mute, just put your hand on your watch to mute. 19.
Switching: notifications are great, but they interrupt you when you do something with your watch.
Just double click on the Digital Crown to get back to the app you are in. 20.
Force Click: Force click or force click on the screen, which usually puts you into the settings mode of the application.
In the music app, it opens a menu where you can do a range of things like shuffle music playback or connect to the device via Airplay.
In a message, a forced click on a message pops up with an option to mark, delete, or mark as unread.
In the active app, force tap allows you to change your calorie burning target. 21.
App control: with the Watch app on your phone, you can choose settings to download automatically.
If set to open, when the app you use on your iPhone is upgraded to include the Watch app, the new app will also appear on your watch. 22.
You are here: trying to meet a friend?
In the message app, by making a forced click on the message, you can send your location directly to that person. 23.
How to clear: the red dot at the top of the watch surface indicates that there are available notifications that you can see by sliding down.
You can swipe individual notifications from the right to clear them, or force a click on notifications to clear their list at once. Wiggle it . . .
Like the iPhone, you can delete and move your app. Source:AP24.
Twist: Don\'t you like the app screen layout on your watch?
You can use the Watch app on your phone to move or delete the app, or, like an iPhone, place your fingers on the app icon and let them swing.
You can then move the icon or delete the icon that is not needed. 25.
Keep in touch: Once you set up your iPhone and see that they are automatically reconnected when they are in range.
But if for some reason they are not connected, simply turn on and off flat mode on the phone and let them connect again.
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