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4 ways bluetooth headphones are set to change soon

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-25
Most smartphones have abandoned traditional smartphones.
5mm headphone jack, a significant increase in demand for Bluetooth audio accessories such as speakers and headphones.
In fact, according to a new report from the Bluetooth SIG,-
Organization of certified Bluetooth devices--
More than 50% headphones sold on the market are wireless, and it is expected that 90% of the speakers on the market will be wireless by 2023.
While the demand for Bluetooth headsets, including real wireless headsets, will increase significantly, the core Bluetooth technology or audio architecture has not changed much.
In addition, the technology is built in response to the current market demand for superior audio quality, latency, multi-device pairing and other tracking requirements.
Bluetooth codecs like aptX and LDAC have done this so far, but if the entire audio market goes to the wireless future as predicted, and then, to cater to the upcoming features, some changes need to be made to the core architecture.
A report from Bluetooth SIG mentions some of the new features supported by next
Bluetooth audio device.
The new Bluetooth core technology will significantly reduce latency.
In newer Bluetooth headsets, the delay is likely to be less noticeable, the report said.
Bluetooth headsets are largely avoided by players due to the delay, and if the new audio core eliminates the delay, then Bluetooth headsets may enter the gaming headset market.
It is expected that the organization will announce new changes in a few months, and here is what we can expect. 1)
The new Bluetooth core technology will introduce a new and more efficient audio codec to improve the quality of playback. 2)The next-
A generation of Bluetooth architectures will support new features for a range of devices, including support for multiple devices
Channel audio in the Speaker. 3)
The new architecture will be based on Bluetooth low power consumption, which means that the battery life of the audio device will be greatly increased. 4)
Finally, Bluetooth may have broadcast capabilities.
With broadcast audio, you will be able to listen to specific Bluetooth channels.
This can be used to listen to music in a specific event or to transmit the audio output of the TV to several sound bars.
These features and more features are expected to launch a new Bluetooth device in 2020.
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