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5 best bluetooth over-ear headphones of 2019

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-29
We buy our own products and put them under the same test method so you can compare them easily.
Unlike most websites, we don\'t get our products directly from the manufacturer, which means that our products are not featured and actually represent what you will buy yourself.
We spent a lot of time comparing products. by-
Verify our results and we keep them until they stop so we can keep going back and making sure our comments are always accurate.
Whether you\'re a new smartphone without a headphone jack or don\'t want a wire anymore, Bluetooth headsets are a great choice.
However, choosing a Bluetooth headset can sometimes be difficult due to the various models and designs available.
If you do not like the way the earbuds are installed, you may have consideredear headphones.
They tend to be more comfortable, and some even have a lot of additional features like active noise cancellation (ANC).
We have tested 359 headphones, 85 of which are Bluetooth over-
This is our best choice for 2019.
Bose QuietComfort comfort 35 II: Comfortable noise cancellation headphone case: off-
Yes, Wireless: Yes (
Cable can also be used)
Best Bluetooth technology
The headphones we have tested so far are the Bose QuietComfort 35 II.
This is a multi-function headset with comfortable design and convenient use. to-
Use the control scheme.
They also have a good battery life and are one of the best active noise reduction features on the market at the moment.
These headphones have good audio reproduction.
They have strong enough bass to provide good tapping and Silom sound without flooding the vocals and instruments, so they are perfect for a variety of music types, from hip-
Classical dance.
Their noise isolation is also very large, eliminating a lot of environmental noise, such as the rumble of the aircraft engine or the chatter of the office, which is very good for office staff and people who fly frequently.
Unfortunately, they do leak a bit at a higher volume, so people can hear your music in quieter conditions like the library.
They are also less customizable compared to the other headphones we tested, as the Bose Connect app also doesn\'t provide EQ.
That said, they are still one of the most comfortable headphones we \'ve ever seen so far, and it\'s easy to recommend because of their overall performance. Buy Sony WH-
1000XM3: highly customizable premium headlines: off-
Yes, Wireless: Yes (
Cable can also be used)
If you want to go through Bluetooth
In addition to excellent noise isolation, the headset offers excellent customization options for Sony WH-1000XM3.
They\'re good-
After the completion, wearing comfortable, there is no problem for the time being.
They have one of the best noise cancellation systems we \'ve seen so far, smaller than the Bose QuietComfort 35 II sound, and it would be great if you work in a quiet office and don\'t want to disturb your colleagues.
These headphones have deep bass.
Heavy sounds that make them more impactful on some tracks.
Some people will find it exciting, but others will find it a bit awkward and implicit.
On the other hand, the EQ of their companion app is great, so you can adjust their sound profile to your liking.
They have a touch
Usually a sensitive control scheme that works well but can sometimes be a bit picky, especially in a cold climate.
They don\'t support much either.
Device pairing, it\'s a bit disappointing if you like to pair your headphones with your smartphone and your work computer.
Sony WH-
The 1000XM3 is a versatile, customizable Bluetooth headset that provides a reliable experiencearound.
Museum nowplantrooper Backbeat Pro month: multi-function
Closed hood: closed
Yes, Wireless: Yes (
Cable can also be used)
If you want to go through Bluetooth
Get the plantrotron back beat Pro 2 headphones that provide excellent value for their cost.
Their sound is very good, the bass is very deep, very rich.
Due to their active noise cancellation function, they are also flexible enough for commuting and traveling.
You can also benefit from their unique control scheme, which is intuitive and simple-to-
Use, and provide good feedback through the physical button.
The bass of this headset is very good.
The rich sound brings a huge impact to the hips and the sound of the Dragon
Jump, EDM, and house tracks without exceeding the vocals and musical instruments of other genres such as rock or pop.
They have a great 30-
Battery life and even aptX support (LL)
This means that they can achieve low enough wireless latency if you have the right adapter, suitable for watching TV.
Unfortunately, this somewhat clunky style doesn\'t work for everyone.
Their noise elimination is also decent compared to some higher noise
Terminal models like Sony WH
Comfort 35 II for 1000XM3 or Bose quiet.
That is to say, they are one of the most important functions.
Packaged Bluetooth
So far, we have tested the prices of ears, especially them, and provided good overall value.
PXC 550 Wireless: highly customizable headset with stylish design case: off-
Wireless: Yes (
Cable can also be used)
Noise elimination: excessive if you are looking for highly customizable
Not as expensive as Sony WH --
1000XM3, consider the senheiser PXC 550 wireless.
In the past, their prices were much more expensive, but their prices have been steadily declining over time, and now they offer better value than ever before.
They are lightweight.
The built-in noise canceling headset is comfortable and stable.
There\'s one of these headphones.
Balanced default sound profile for almost all music types, but some people may find them missing bass.
The Sennheiser Captune app is launched here-it has a good parameter EQ that will make you good-
Adjust the sound of these headphones in depth to better suit your taste.
While the PXC 550 does a great job of reducing the noise in the mid-tweeter range, they do not isolate the noise, nor do they isolate some of the other advanced ANC headsets we have tested, especially the bass range.
They are definitely better than nothing, but commuters may find that they incorporate the low roar of the bus engine into their music.
Still, they have an excellent battery and their stylish, quality design is sure to please.
Shop NowMpow H5: Decent budget
Yes, Wireless: Yes (
Cable can also be used)
If you\'re looking for the right Bluetooth
Headphones, but don\'t want to break the bank and go to Mpow h10.
They are comfortable noise canceling headphones with a decent overall performance and affordable price.
They sound good for cheap headphones and have a pretty good-
A balanced sound suitable for most popular music types.
They have a great 23-
Hours of battery life, can be used when charging, and even passive use of ordinary audio cables when the battery is dead.
The downside is that the cost of making these headphones is quite low and not so good --
Built with some cheaper models than some on the Mpow line-up.
When folding the earmuffs, they make a unique click.
While this sounds worrisome, it does not seem that the folding earmuffs will damage the headphones in any way;
However, the quality of the building still feels mediocre at best.
That is to say, the Mpow H10 provides a satisfactory listening experience in other aspects and deserves overall consideration.
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