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5 best headphones with mic of 2019

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-04-01
We buy our own products and put them under the same test method so you can compare them easily.
Unlike most websites, we don\'t get our products directly from the manufacturer, which means that our products are not featured and actually represent what you will buy yourself.
We spent a lot of time comparing products. by-
Verify our results and we keep them until they stop so we can keep going back and making sure our comments are always accurate.
Headphones are usually made for listening to music, but most of them are multiple
Headphones usually come with microphones that can be used for calls or even online games.
The microphones have different types and they have different performance, so some headphones may be better than others depending on your usage.
So far, we have tested more than 340 headphones, and depending on the use, here is the first choice for the best headphones with microphones we purchased in 2019.
Jabra Elite 85 h: multi-function noise cancellation
Pretty good ears with integrated micType: Over-
Earmuffs: Closed-
Noise cancellation: Yes Wireless: Yes (
Cable can also be used)
The most suitable headphones we have tested so far for most uses are Jabra Elite 85 h.
They\'re comfortable. built over-
Headphones, there\'s a simple-to-
Use a physical control scheme.
They support Bluetooth 5.
0, can even connect to both devices at the same time, which is convenient if you often make frequent phone calls on your smartphone and work computer.
Their microphones make clear and detailed sounds in a quiet environment, such as an empty meeting room.
The Voice will be a bit confusing, it will sound fine, but it is still easy to understand, especially if the background noise is not large.
These headphones have a prominent 34-
An hour\'s battery life, so even if you\'re attending countless lengthy conference calls all day, you shouldn\'t run out of power for a while.
Like most Bluetooth headsets, Jabra Elite 85h has a microphone that doesn\'t handle the noise well.
It does a good job in a moderately noisy environment, such as a lively office, but struggling in a noisy environment such as a busy street or subway station.
That said, it\'s still the best microphone we \'ve tested on Bluetooth
Not headphones designed specifically for games.
ShopNowJabra Elite 65e: comfortable Bluetooth earbuds with decent micType: In-
Earmuffs: off-
Cancel background noise: YesWireless: If you are looking for Bluetooth earbuds with the best microphone, use them with Jabra Elite 65e.
They don\'t reproduce the audio as accurately as Jabra Elite 85 h, but they are more portable.
Earbuds can be easily carried with you, and their flexible neckline design ensures that they are always within reach when you need them.
They have a wireless network.
Considering that these earbuds are Bluetooth, the line microphone on the right side of the neckline Cable actually works fine.
Ear plugs of the same design tend to integrate the microphone at the neckline, but this microphone is closer to your mouth, which helps to improve the quality of the recording.
Even in a medium-noise environment, their microphones can well separate the sound from the ambient noise, and the voice is understandable in most cases, especially in a quiet environment.
Unfortunately, these earbuds do not have the best battery life, especially when compared to overchargingear headphones.
Play for 8 hours in a row and if you are listening to music all day and need to answer a business call, they may lose power.
On the other hand, they have good noise isolation, so you can focus on your conversation if you can properly accommodate the tips for earbuds.
Three drivers: the best-
Wired microphone for all device types: In-
Earmuffs: off-
Background noise elimination: no noise: NoIf you have multiple devices with headphone jack and want a multi-function headset with microphone to handle everything, then one more three
Although this wired headset does not have the freedom of wireless headphones, the recording quality is still good.
Especially in a quiet environment, the recorded voice sounds very open and easy to understand.
1/8 TRRS audio cable with in-
Line remote is compatible with console, pc and Android and iOS devices.
This makes them one of the more versatile cable TVs
Ear answering the phone
You also don\'t have to worry about their battery running out in an important conversation because they are wired and completely passive.
If you have a long conference call or you decide to use them while playing online, the ear fit is not the most comfortable and can get tired.
From the front, the slightly reclined earbuds and 9 tip options help with comfort.
They are also very portable headphones, so you can basically call anywhere.
ShopNowSteelSeries artistis Pro Wireless: gaming headset with excellent craze microphoneType: excessive
Earmuffs: off-
Noise cancellation: no noise: Yes (
Cable can also be used)
The gaming headset for the best microphone we \'ve tested so far is the steel series artitis Pro Wireless.
They\'re comfortable.
Built-in headphones with a unique base transmitter allow you to play Wireless Games while mixing Bluetooth audio.
This means that you can use their microphone when playing games on your PC or PS4 as well as on your smartphone.
While it is difficult for most Bluetooth or regular wired headsets to separate voice from ambient noise, the price of gaming headsets tends to be much better.
This headset in particular, can handle noise well even in the most demanding conditions, such as noisy game activities or meetings.
In a quiet environment, just like playing games at home alone, the microphone sounds great too and can make a full sound
Sound voice, clear and easy to understand.
Unfortunately, the SteelSeries artitis Pro Wireless lacks the more advanced mic controls that other gaming headsets have.
Normally this is not going to be a deal
But there are also reports that the microphone sounds too quiet on certain consoles and mobile devices.
There are a lot of solutions online, but better mic control will definitely be good.
That said, the microphone is still great and the overall performance of the headset is very good.
Shopnologech G433: multi-purpose gaming headset with built-in features
Line microphone type for casual use: Over-
Earmuffs: off-
Background noise elimination: no noise: its microphone is good enough for online games if you are looking for a headset, but casual enough to replace your daily drivers
Thanks to the multitude of microphone and cable options, they are wired gaming headsets that are very versatile.
They come with a removable boom microphone and a normal audio cable for the game, but also an extra cable
Line microphones and remote controls used during the trip.
They have one of the best boom microphones we have tested so far, with superior noise handling capabilities and recording quality suitable for any environment.
It performs almost as well in a noisy environment as it does in the quietest rooms and produces sounds natural, complete voice
Wine and gifts.
Although we did not test in-
Line microphone, we want it to perform with other
The line microphone we have reviewed-the overall recording quality is good and the noise handling is good.
The downside is that they don\'t look like the most upscale headphones.
Their earmuffs are covered with rough fabric and look unique but easy to tear.
That is to say, their prices are quite reasonable and provide quite good value in general.
This guide may have been updated.
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