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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-30
01/65 good-
It looks like the Bluetooth headset is very convenient because every time you want to enjoy music, they eliminate the hassle and frustration of having to tidy up the messy wires.
All you have to do is pair the headphones with your smartphone and you can sort them out.
Since the Bluetooth headset has an overall Portable Design (
Compared to wired peers)
They also look good, which makes sense.
That being said, we show you our list of 5 items
You can put on a Bluetooth headset.
By Bose al Mohan02/6 Bose QC35-
The Rs 29,363 Bose QC35 headset is available in both black and silver colors.
This headset is made of plastic and metal body and is of very strong quality. The well-
The ear cover with padding is also comfortable.
The right ear cover has a power button and can also be used as a Bluetooth pairing button.
The microphone, volume control key, battery indicator and USB charging port are also located here.
Another headset also has an analog port where the user can connect the audio cable to the headset.
The Bose QC35 is equipped with a 19-hour battery backup and also allows the user to adjust the noise elimination level by using the app or using the physical buttons on the earmuffs.
03/6 Sony multi-drug resistant xbymbt-
The Sony multi-drug resistant xbongbt headset Rs 6,905 is compact and lightweight with an adjustable headband and a soft cushion ear cushion that can be rotated flat for easy packaging.
The headphones are available in three colors-
Blue, red and black give users plenty of choices.
All buttons and ports are placed on the edge of the right ear cover.
The main controls and ports include the power button, the volume rocker, the switch that controls playback and answering the phone, the microphone and the USB.
Other specifications of Sony multi-drug resistant xbymbt include a frequency response range of 20Hz-
Sensitivity of 20,000Hz, 24 ohm impedance and 95 db/mW, and dynamic closure of 30mm-type drivers. 04/6 LeEco Leme-
Rs 2,499 for LeEco with 6 color variants (
Used to be called LeTV)
, The Leme Bluetooth headset is definitely very popular in terms of appearance.
The Leme Bluetooth headset is designed with tear drops, and the body is made of plastic.
The headset on the right has three buttons and a Micro USB charging port.
There are many uses for center buttons (e. g.
Power, play/pause, Bluetooth pairing).
The other two buttons are the volume controller.
The frequency response range of the headset is 20Hz-
At 20,000Hz, a battery backup for up to 10 hours is allegedly provided.
05/6 special BackBeat ~
Plantrotron back Sense headset Rs 7,968 with a weight of just 140g with metal headband and memory-foam-
Ear pads.
The headset comes with a sensor that pauses the music once you remove it from your ear, and when you put it back on, it returns to play.
Back Beat feeling provides more
The point control room 100 away has a battery life of up to 18 hours.
Wireless 06/6 Skullcandy-
Grind Wireless Bluetooth headset for Rs 6,499 skullcandy with premium plush on-
Ear pads and lightweight and durable metal headband maximize comfort.
They claim to provide up to 12 hours of battery backup.
The right ear cover of the headset consists of a microphone and a call, track, and volume control button.
It also integrates an integrated amplifier that can provide higher rated power and lower distortion with a high
Terminal drivers for a larger dynamic range.
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