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5 great wireless headphones for your iphone 7

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-28
Now, Apple has confirmed that it won\'t have a headphone jack when the new iPhone 7 arrives at the store.
On the 16 th, Apple fans are preparing to enter the era of wireless headphones.
But consumers have been accepting the convenience of Bluetooth headsets for months.
In fact, according to research firm NPD, wireless headsets sold more in June than models that still rely on wires.
At today\'s launch, Apple released the new wireless AirPods, equipped with proprietary computer chips, which made pairing unnecessary.
When AirPods were in their ears, the music began to play.
It pauses when you delete them.
The company\'s W1 chip will also soon appear in headphones produced by Apple\'s Beats subsidiary.
However, if you don\'t want to wait until AirPods goes public in late October, here are five excellent wireless headsets to choose from our rating.
This $200 Bluetooth headset is perfect for out-of-town living.
In addition to the very good sound quality, they also have a built-in
Microphone, it comes in handy when you answer the phone on your smartphone.
Although there is no noise in this model
Cancel Technology, in-
The ear design will at least shield the nuisance from hair dryers, jet engines and others that may interfere with your listening pleasure.
People with more discerning ears will love this $200 Bluetooth headset. The on-
The ear design and very good sound quality make them a wise choice for those who like to listen to music and immerse themselves in the soundtrack of the movie.
Better yet, the construction of the model
Storing pairing information for up to eight devices in memory helps to quickly connect to smartphones, tablets and music players.
Generous 24-
It is worth noting that the monthly warranty.
If music and style are as important to you, these $400 Philip Stark-
The designed Bluetooth headset has achieved a good balance between form and function.
In the retro minimalist look, you will find that the sound quality is very good and very active.
Noise reduction and useful features that allow you to quickly change settings via gesture control (
On the right ear cup)
Or the mobile application of the model.
Like the audio technology headset above, the Parrot Zik 3 also has a 24-month warranty.
If you like to listen to music while exercising (Who\'s not? )
The $84 Bluetooth headset provides some extra power.
It is equipped with an integrated crossover
The training app lets you choose from more than 50 exercises.
It also includes a built-in
In the microphone, integrated volume control and motion sensors help you measure travel distance, speed, steps, step frequency, and calories consumed.
And elements of model features
Ears and earbuds design, which is useful for keeping headphones on your ears, and for music to flow inside when you try to make your heart beat faster.
As for the sound quality, our testers rated it very well.
Thanks to the ear hook and three pairs of different sizes of headphones hidden inside the package, these $100 Bluetooth headsets can be comfortably installed and kept in place even during intense exercise.
Along the way they also provide very good sound quality
Not to mention a built-in
Microphone and integrated smartphone control.
They carry protective suitcases so you can safely hide them when you\'re done running.
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