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About ANC headphones you should know


In daily life, we are often troubled by noise. No matter at home, in the office, or on airplanes, trains, etc., there will be noise. Of course, people are constantly seeking ways to deal with noise. Noise-cancelling headphones are one of many methods and one of the most obvious methods.

Conceptually speaking, the noise canceling earphone refers to a kind of earphone that uses some method to reduce noise. The current mainstream is the active noise canceling earphone. The working principle is to collect noise samples through the microphone and use the noise reduction system to generate noise matching. The reverse sound wave, which neutralizes the noise, to achieve the noise reduction effect of the headphones. Nowadays, more and more consumers are buying noise-reducing headphones or wanting to buy them. But how do noise-reducing headphones work in our lives? What are the limitations? I believe that many of my friends are still confused. Today this article tells you a few tips on using noise canceling headphones.

So what are the application scenarios for noise canceling headphones in life? Come, let us give you a few examples. The first is the development of transportation during the journey, which brings more choices to people's travel modes. Aircraft, trains and cars are chosen. However, this kind of transportation is accompanied by noise. The long-distance travel of ancient countries, the noise of vehicles is indeed a very disturbing factor.

The noise generated by these vehicles is very large, and it is always around the ear during the journey. At this time, it is time for the noise-reducing earphones to show their talents. The frequency of the noise emitted by the vehicle is low. It is just the noise-reducing earphone that is best at reducing the noise. The noise-reducing earphones can show the noise reduction effect and put on the headphones. After turning on the noise reduction, it is obvious that it is quiet. If you often need to take transportation and hope to have a quiet and comfortable journey, noise canceling headphones are very worth having. If you often have such a use scene, it is highly recommended that BOSE QC35 noise canceling headphones, comfortable to wear, noise reduction to force, excellent battery life, very suitable for business trips.

Secondly, in the work scene, the noise is also difficult to avoid. What kind of voice, air conditioning sound, various ring tones, the sound of the door, etc., are also a source of no small noise. When you want to concentrate on your work and not disturb your thoughts with complicated noise, wearing noise-cancelling headphones can make the low-frequency noise of the office be well isolated. The high-frequency sounds such as voices and ring tones are not completely isolated. It's obviously a lot smaller, and it doesn't make you hear that your boss is calling you. In this usage scenario, we will recommend the BOSE QC20 noise canceling earphone, which is also an active noise canceling earphone, but the in-ear design is very low-key and will not attract everyone's attention, but the noise reduction ability is the same, very Suitable for office use scenarios.

There is also a scene that is also very suitable, that is, in the study room. When I was studying in the school study room, although there was basically no voice in the study room, but the sound of the book, is it the sound of a walk or the sound of a fan or air conditioner? inevitable. At this time, you can have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, which is excellent, can help you filter the noise of the noise, so that you can focus on learning better. This kind of scene we recommend BOSE QC30, this earphone is special in the design of the round neck + in-ear earphones. It is easy to carry and at the same time, the shape is very simple and low-key, and the wearing will not attract the attention of the students like the earmuff headphones. The price/performance ratio is also higher.

Although the noise canceling earphone is a good thing, it can help us solve the noise troubles, but the noise canceling earphone is not a panacea. In some scenes, there are certain limitations. If you plan to buy a pair of noise canceling headphones, it is best to understand. These limitations.

First of all, the noise canceling headphones can not isolate all the noise, and the noise isolation is somewhat important. The isolation of low frequency noise is more effective, but the high frequency noise is relatively less obvious. Of course, this is also done to allow you to isolate most of the noise, but also to hear a slight vocal, so that you don't wear noise-cancelling headphones and you can't hear anyone calling you. In addition, this design allows you to walk on the road without hearing the whistle of the car, to avoid danger.

On the other hand, noise-cancelling headphones are not suitable for long-term wear. Noise-cancelling headphones can bring peace of mind. It is not a problem to wear a small squat on the road, but it is not recommended to wear noise-reducing headphones to sleep all night. The earphones have been worn for a long time, and the ear should be breathable. In short, to understand the noise-reducing headphones is to selectively isolate the noise, and in daily use, to avoid wearing for a long time.

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