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Are we informed about noise cancelling phone headset weight and volume after shipment?
This will be emailed to you once the noise cancelling phone headset are delivered. Tracking info will be attached so that you can follow the logistics. Any questions can be asked after the delivery.

Shenzhen Royaltenic Industrial Limited 's sales volume keeps rising year by year. Royaltenic's products are well received in the market. The following are the best-selling products of anc bluetooth headphones series. Backed by our rich industry expertise in this field, the product is manufactured in its best quality. Its design and manufacturing are backed by 8+ year Bluetooth development experience. Royaltenic has introduced advanced production equipment and assembly lines at home and abroad to form a complete industrial chain. Besides, we have built a scientific and complete quality inspection system to conduct comprehensive product testing. All this ensures that the quality and performance of sports bluetooth headphones are in line with international standards.

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