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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-21
When we talk about MONSTER, hot man and fanshion guy must be familiar with it. As the manufacturer of famous Hifi wire.MONSTER's product has a large amount of users and gained consistent recognize in industry. As the manufacturer of audio product , the headset of MONSTER company is a symbol of high timbre and fashion. American basketball player kobe's headset for use of emporer is the product of MONSTER. During the WORLD CUP, those famous football player got up the bus wearing MONSTER headsets, which was the best advertisement for monster's products. For common user,if you needn't the function of reduing noise of MONSTER Studio,or the volume of MONSTER studio sound engineer is big for you ,why don't you pay attention to MONSTER SOLO Headphones? In 2010,monster corporation produced the upgrade of SOLO called SOLO HD, just by its simple translation, it should be high Clear's edition SOLO HD headset, which solved the problem of the old SOLO that it was too dinginess. its ability of resolution has advanced at the meantime. At the moment,we have received this SOLO HD headphones, the appearance of fiery-red attract lots of colleagues attention. Now, we will do particular evaluating on this MONSTER SOLO HD. If you are interested in it ,how about joining us? THE BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF MONSTER SOLO HD? S APPEARANCE: MONSTER SOLO HD has evidence difference when compared with old style SOLO on appearance. At first, its cool fiery-red appearance is rarely in the headsets with the same price. Expect this, MONSTER SOLO HD adopts the craftwork of plastic polishing rather than the craftwork of milling of the old MONSTER.It is cooler in the whole. However,even if it ,it is easily for MONSTER SOLO HD to leave over fingerprint.So users should take care of cleaning. The physical of MONSTER SOLO HD can be replicated .Even though the volume is still not small after replicated,it can be taken at liberty by the convenient bag which was presented with the product.In this part,which is perfect than MONSTER sound engineer evidently. The bnc connector plugs pin of MONGSTER SOLO HD headset is 3.5 mm gild flex insert.Diffently,it is third class insert,which supports microphone communication.The wire of MONSTER SOLO HD can insert and capture.There is possibility of extrusion of upgrade wire and advance SOLO HD HEADSET?s timbre.Except this,MONSTER SOLO HD also integrate control- line organ which can telecontrol latest APPLE equipment's volume and support without-lift talk of IPhone.We?ll refer to it in the tache of arrange in pairs of groups. MONSTER SOLO HD HEADSET'S ARRANGE IN PAIRS OF GROUPS OF COMBINATION. It reports that MONSTER SOLO HD's biggest advantage is that its control line product can charge latest APPLE equipment like TOUCH,3GS,classic 120G,even included iPad. A SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION OF THE VOLUME OF MONSTER SOLO HD: I only heard of the headset product of MONSTE in a acoustics'exhibition in CAL.,just remember that MONSTER?s product has a perfect low frequency.The feeling of listening is convulsing.I reslly wonder what the feeling of new MONSTER SOLO HD is. As expected,its volume come down in one continuous line,MONSTER SOLO HD headset's low frequency is still strive.You can describe it as typical American sound,or low frequency maybe better,it just because all the product of America all have this stylewhich is stink and kind.How strong is the low frequency of MONSTER SOLO HD on earth. It is better than GUASS PP. Listen carefully, the low frequency of MONSTER SOLO HD is true of quality.But its flexibility and submergence are not better than the company's NOODLE insert-ear earplug which has a high quality. It only rest on the amount ,and discount on quality.On the part of middle frequency,it looks MONSTER SOLO HD is droping behind,but also belongs to the style with pure and simple density.Man sound has both advantages and disadvantages. However,the high frequency of MONSTER SOLO HD is still a fault.Although it changed the high frequency on the base of the old one,it still can't behave bright.But then,this product with trendency of timbre appeals to the ears of the introduction-user.It is also relatively warm,extraordinary fit for the exhibition of jazz and rap music. ADVANTAGE:work fine ,fantastic appearance ,stink personality,unique low frequency DISADVANTAGE:prase is kind of bad REFERENCE PRICE:$229 Hotsalesmart price : $169.95 WRITE IN THE END: If use HIFI headset's quality to check MONSTER SOLO HD, then its behavior of volume can not fit for the $229 price in evidence. But what if take the fee for the design of the appearance and stink personality into consideration?In fact,present headsets product not merely rest on volume,it more than fashion guys's tool to show their personality.They see headsets as decoration when they want to show selves personality. Above all, MONSTER SOLO HD is a kind of good fashion product.It guarantees the comfortable adom , capacity of sound insulation and volume,at the meantime, it offers good appearance,we recommend fashion people choose to purchase. If you are Monster fans, if you are NBA fans, if you are hip hop or jazz fans, if you love music, i recommend the Monster beats solo HD headphones to you, Monster beats solo HD headphones has 3 color, red, whit and black. today, has a big discount with them, and they are only $169.95 for free shipping your home, it is good christmas gift to you or your friends. i think it is surpise if you friends recevied them.
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