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At times I will run through the tourism region's

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-30
Go out running is the best adornment that can show a person's attitude. I do not know whether you are likely to keep an eye on runners that you come across on road, but I will. We will encounter runners during ordinary running, and we may find that they will run with their sweethearts and friends, and there are also runners like me who will run by myself. Moreover, some people will wear earphones, some people will hang a kettle at his waist and some people will wear a pair of chic running shoes. Everybody is going to slightly dress up themselves carefully or inadvertently with themes of comfortableness as well as security. I hid behind my dark glasses and looked at each same kind. Looked at their stiff calf muscles, I inwardly thought that how long would I run if I wanted to have such a neat gesture. Furthermore, I also inwardly said to myself:'Hey, you have to flow more sweat'. Running people look just like a sparse but organized constellation diagram. If you always run through the same place in a similar period, you will inevitably encounter the same runner. People will knowingly nod and simile to each other. Now and then there was time that I stopped, but the other party even may even wave his hand to me by turning back his head. If I could not clearly tell whether that stood for provocation or greeting, the one and only act I can do wad to use my remaining strength to make a smile and tried my best to move several steps ahead after hiding my tiredness. Now, I have a goal. In May 9 this year, in the small Tian Yuan city of Japan, a 100km long-distance cross-country competition will be held, and I have already register for it. I do not know my own line or not, but what I need is to have a motive power and let myself run up. Nowadays, I begin to train myself to run on mountain road, gravel road, asphalt road and unsurfaced road. In fact, I was not serious about my running, for sometimes if I was too tired, I would like to stop and eat a cake at a roadside store, and sometimes I would run and run into a restaurant to eat. But I finally began to run. The body will grow old, and one day I will indisputably find that I am too old to have enough energy to be the one over sixty. Running is neither for losing weight, nor for saving your declining body, but for waking up your asleep enthusiasm, responsibility and attitude towards life. As long as you run up, it is likely for you to make yourself live in a heartbeats accelerating world regardless of the gathering clouds and rolling mists above you.
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