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audio technica ath-m50xbt bluetooth headphones review

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-28
Someone familiar with headphones and enthusiasts-
Level personal audio knows the iconic status of audio-Technica ATH-M50 and M50x.
These headphones are sold in the form of a studio.
Focus on professional display headsets, but even among the average consumer, there are fanatic followers due to its open, clean sound and neutral sound features.
However, the product was out of date in 2019.
Today\'s Bluetooth technology has made great progress than a few years ago, and the connection stability and sound quality have improved.
This leads to the need for wireless versions and audio for these headphones
Technica has been officially delivered.
The company recently launched audio. Technica ATH-
The M50xBT wireless headset is in India and we now have the opportunity to review this pair of headphones.
Can it live up to the reputation its wired predecessors found in our comments? The Audio-Technica ATH-
It may look pretty when the M50x was first released in 2014, but now its design looks a bit out of date.
M50xBT insists on this design with only a few small changes on the left to integrate new controls and Micro
USB port next to 3.
5mm socket for wired connection.
We find the position of the button a bit awkward because we often press the wrong button when we try to adjust the volume or pause the music.
Also, there should be a USB Type-
Charge port C, not the old MicroUSB standard.
The rest of the audio-Technica ATH-
The M50xBT looks almost the same as the wired version.
This means that it may seem boring to some, but it also helps to retain the classic character of the principal;
This is also the signature headset at its core, only technically improved. The ATH-
So is M50xBT-
Built as its predecessor.
For anyone not familiar with the wired version, AudioTechnica ATH-
The M50xBT has a thick liner on the headband and ear cups, each with a silver ring around the big company logo on the outside of each ear cup.
Ear covers our ears completely and is as comfortable as wired ATHM50x headphones. The Audio-Technica ATH-
The M50xBT sales package includes the carrying box, charging cable and 1.
Connect the headset to the 2 m audio cable of the source device.
The Bluetooth feature is completely disabled when the cable is used to connect the headset to the source.
Even with the switch on, we can\'t connect the ATH-
Connect M50xBT to the source device via Bluetooth.
When the cable is plugged in, the active connection is disconnected due to the power failure of the internal circuit of the headset.
In terms of specifications, most of the time, AudioTechnica ATH-
M50xBT is exactly the same as wired ATH
M50x, provides the same listening experience when used as a wired headset.
The headset has 45mm dynamic drives with a frequency response range of 15-
28,000Hz, the impedance rating is 38 ohms when used as a wired headset
The same number as the standard wired version.
The wireless feature uses Bluetooth 5 and supports the Bluetooth codec for aptX, AAC and SBC.
We can run ATH-
M50xBT single charge for nearly 35 hours, this is the top
According to current standards.
Just like its design and specs, AudioTechnica ATH-
The M50xBT has the same sound features and almost the same level of performance as the wired predecessor.
This has an open, ventilated feel and neutral sound feature for the sound emitted by the headset.
We tested the audio. Technica ATH-
M50xBT with OnePlus 6 t (Review)
And MacBook Air, and compare wireless performance to wired performance using the included audio cable.
Using Bluetooth, AudioTechnica ATH-
M50xBT sounds best when paired with OnePlus 6 t, who is able to transmit audio using the aptX Bluetooth codec.
We experienced the same openness in the sound on the ATH --
M50x, with the ability to hear soft elements in orbit.
Listening to the unforgettable panoramic views of Hyenah and Pablo Fierro, we can hear the soft natural sounds carefully designed in the background of the track.
The chirping sounds of the birds and the tribal hymns and beats that blend into the track are soft but clear and easy to understand.
These gentle sounds also have a strong sense of depth and direction, and they do feel like they are from afar. The ATH-
M50xBT promises the same studio-
We were not disappointed with the sound quality of the wired version;
These headphones are exposed, open and totally worthy of their \"monitor\" brand.
Although we are confused about the nature of the audio\'s revelationTechnica ATH-
M50xBT, it still managed to keep the core of the track --
Its power and tribeInspiration beat
At the front desk.
The neutral nature of sound takes out every element of the track in the same posture without sacrificing the elements that need attention most --and-centre.
Even when listening to Nu: Logic\'s the same powerful Eternal Day, the bass is tight and calculated on the whole track, and the vocals and treble are as clear as they need
Perhaps the most notable feature of audioTechnica ATH-
For us, the m50xbt sound is that we have not experienced any listener fatigue for a long time
Run, it can\'t say a lot of neutral, monitor-
Premium headphones.
The openness of the sound is particularly pleasant on more gentle tracks, such as letting us elopement through Koop, where, busy beats, omni-
The artist\'s directed tuning and soothing jazz melodies have never been disappointed.
The headset is open to the same level as when you turn it on
Back Headphones, considering ATH-
The M50xBT is closed-back headset.
Most wireless headsets are optimized via Bluetooth, which means they can perform internal numbers on their own-to-
Analog conversion and amplification.
Some wireless headsets do offer the option to connect the audio cable and listen to the cable, but when their batteries run out, this is often seen as a backup option, and they don\'t sound so good.
The audio can\'t say that either-Technica ATH-M50xBT;
These headphones sound almost as good without wires.
When listening to compressed or streaming audio, it is difficult to distinguish between wireless listening and wired listening.
However, switching to high
The cultural difference lies in the cultural difference.
When using a cable connected to our MacBook Air, the FLAC version of Michael Jackson\'s \"You Rock My World\" sounds naturally better.
However, when playing the aptX stream on one plus 6 t, it\'s just a little less enjoyable.
The response was a bit tight and the sound felt a bit open, but overall the Bluetooth connection didn\'t take too much away from the sound quality.
We also have a standard audio. Technica ATH-
M50x unit on hand and ATH-M50xBT.
Even after we gave ATH, the two pairs of headphones didn\'t sound the same
M50xBT is enough to burn-in time;
The old pair sounds a bit more open (
Probably because it\'s been used for hundreds of hours)
The newer pair had a slight tightening reaction. The ATH-
M50xBT also has a microphone-
Placed under the power switch, it will only be exposed when the headset is turned on --
Good effect for hands
Free phone calls based on our experience.
The included audio cable also comes with a built-in microphone and a single microphone
Remote control button for you to use this headset
Even if you are not connected using Bluetooth, you can use the free device.
VerdictThe audioTechnica ATH-
M50xBT is a modern approach to classic products, and it is an excellent product considering the shift in consumer preferences for wireless listening.
While enthusiasts and traditionalists always swear with wired headphones, ATH-
The M50xBT provides flexibility for wireless use while retaining neutral sound features, openness and detail for wired pathsM50x. Priced at Rs.
ATH-18, 450
The cost of the M50xBT is almost double that of the standard wired ATHM50x.
Considering that this premium will only allow you to purchase wireless connectivity, it is worth considering alternative products such as Fiio BTR1K, which can provide you with the same functionality at a lower price.
However, if you are looking for an easy way to enjoy excellent sound and excellent battery life, AudioTechnica ATH-
M50xBT is the best-
Wireless headphones launched today. Price (MRP): Rs.
18,450 ProsConsRatings (out of 5)
This is the best budget Bluetooth headset and headset in India, we discussed this on track, track is our weekly technical podcast, you can subscribe through Apple podcast or RSS, download episodes, or click the Play button below.
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