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can you use bluetooth headphones on a plane?

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-26
Bluetooth headsets have become more and more popular in the past few years, and it has eliminated the wires that used to connect our heads to our devices.
But even though they look smart, there is a small problem.
In theory, Bluetooth is not compatible with aircraft.
Can you really use a Bluetooth headset on the fly? What are the rules of 2017, there has been a new electronic ban that limits the use of some larger Bluetooth headsets on flights
Technically, it is enforced on all UK flights, although in reality most airlines say you can use headphones during your flight.
Just don\'t use them in a taxiLand and land.
The official global rule is that you can\'t use any wifi or Bluetooth devices greater than your smartphone while flying, which can\'t run on \"flight mode.
If there is a flight mode and you turn it on, then the device itself is OK. Short-
It seems that during the flight, there is no problem with Bluetooth devices such as headphones and keyboards.
It is believed that the use of Bluetooth and wifi will interfere with the aircraft\'s communication systems and other technical equipment and distract passengers in the event of potential danger.
Some airlines don\'t even allow passengers to travel with noise.
Although some people do not use Bluetooth, cancel the headphones because they are larger than smartphones.
It really depends on who you fly with, but the general rule of last year is that Bluetooth is not allowedno.
Ask your airline in advance to avoid disappointment.
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