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convert your bluetooth headphone to a hi-fi one with beats studio drivers

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-29
The purpose of this Instructure is to upgrade any cheap Bluetooth headset to H-
Fi one, available with Beats Studio (~$300).
Note that while Bluetooth wireless prevents high bit rate traffic, enjoy real high speed
Fi you can still connect it with 3. 5mm jack cable.
The method is very straight forward and dynamically driven (speakers)
These cheap headphones are as simple as they are.
Replace them with hi-
The first end will improve the quality immediately.
Note: dynamic drives account for 90% of the sound quality of headphones
The rest is the acoustic design of the housing, the quality of the cable, etc.
This is the best way to ROI.
Since most Bluetooth headsets use the 40mm driver, I used a $15 headset in this article, a best seller in the online store with 40mm drivers and showed you0 drivers.
First of all, you need the following.
The whole process needs 1 ~ 2 hours, 30 minutes if you have a quick hand.
I am a fan of DIY headphones.
You need to open the cover and expose the dynamic driver, see my other builds.
I\'m lucky because the screw for this headset is not glue :)
Most headphones put the battery on one side and the PCB on the other side (i. e.
, All buttons).
Be careful not to spoil anything!
You need to record the routing order before unpacking.
In most cases, the dynamic drive is glued to the front panel.
Lift around it with a small flat screwdriver.
This is a tricky part where you need to wait patiently and take it slowly and don\'t break the front panel.
Below is a side-by-side comparison of the two drivers.
On the left is the Beats Studio headset driver and on the right is the cheap headset.
You can see clearly: 1.
The studio driver has a larger coil structure in the OFC, which greatly reduces the harmful distortion of the diaphragm. 2.
The magnet for Studio driver is larger (
Silver metal plate at the back end)
This helps to improve the sensitivity of the diaphragm and improve the working conditions of the diaphragm. 3.
Or in short, this difference brings you the Super Bass and bright sound that you can feel immediately after you finish.
Be careful not to leave any glue on the front or back of the driver!
Also remember to connect in exactly the same order as the previous driver.
Install everything in reverse order and now you can enjoy your studio!
You may feel some big differences right away, even if you are not a hi-manFi fan: 1. Super bass.
You will hear deeper bass.
Higher sensitivity
You will find that you need less volume. Details.
You will feel more detail from the music and everything becomes clear. For a Hi-Fi know-
There are many things that can be improved.
For example, the case for cheap headphones is small and plastic.
If you understand what I mean, the echo inside the shell makes the sound \"plastic \".
You might want to add some sound
Absorbing materials like sponges or cotton can reduce side effects.
Or another way is to find a better shell.
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