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diy- how to make wireless headphones

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-27
When I was young, I often wondered how these wireless headphones worked.
What magic is that makes them work!
But now I came up with an easy way to use your own old one (Plug-on headphones)a wireless one.
Although it can also work by inserting.
It is ideal for watching movies or listening to music without sitting next to a computer or T. V.
Its range is not good because you have to purchase a license if its range is more than 5 m, but you can use it anywhere in your home because its signal can only reach-
5 m in diameter.
So there is no need to buy a license.
I hope you will like it and keep an eye on me, please vote for me.
I would appreciate it too.
Once you decide to make your own wireless headset, you need to know what we are going to do.
First you need a headset (
Old or what you are using).
The headset should have enough internal space (
I mean, the \"radio receiver module\" we will easily install when you turn on the headphones \").
You have to buy a small radio receiver module and be sure to use a minimum module that is automatically or manually tuned.
Now what we have to do is install the radio module inside the headset, then tune it to the frequency of the transmitter, and take out some controls of the radio module from the headset, so that you can adjust the whole headset without reopening it.
Now we go into the transmitter and you have to make the transmitter yourself.
This is a simple electronic project.
The circuit consists of a 2N2222 or BC547 transistor (
You can use one or the other depending on availability, but I prefer to use a 2N2222 transistor)
Used as a basic amplifier to amplify the audio signal of a computer or T. V.
Convert it into an FM signal.
The frequency of the transmitter is between 87. 5 to 108. 0 Mhz (
Common radio frequency)
And can be tuned to any frequency by changing the value of 20-
40 picofarad variable capacitor.
Now FYI is angry at bad times. to 3-
4 rooms or 5 m so I don\'t think you need a frequency use license.
You can send any type of audio signal from T.
Computer, MP3 player, mobile phone, etc.
This is a cheap and best project I have ever done.
As far as I know, buy these things together (
Headphones and tools used are not included)
You might have to spend 10-
India\'s $30 will reach Rs 1000.
The radio receiving module is usually up to $10, about Rs 500.
All electronic products worth £ 810$ and 250-300 rupees.
The male and female jacks and wires and antennas will generate a bill of $10.
If you are going to buy a new headset, please buy a headset with good internal space and then it will charge you about 1020 $.
What you need now is welding materials with universal tools.
Once you \'ve collected all these things, you can now be ready to buy some electronics.
Now you have everything you need.
It\'s time to move on and start making the launcher.
This circuit is easy to make.
But if you want to skip this circuit making step, you can also buy an FM transmitter from here: if you do, there is no need to make a given circuit.
Now go to the circuit: this is a transistor circuit.
Be sure to draw a rough picture before doing it.
Now you have to fight for power.
This transmitter can be made by 3-
6 v battery or USB 5.
The 0 v constant voltage that uses USB to power it must use USB 2.
The picture above shows 0 plugs and its polarity. (
Just click on the picture to enlarge the picture)
Weld the plug on the prototype board and ensure polarity.
Now, be extra careful if you use smd. Connect the 3.
Jack 3-5mm
The core wire and weld it on the prototype board to ensure that the negative terminal of the jack is grounded.
The other two lines will enter the input of the circuit. .
Now you have to do the inductor.
This inductor is the weirdest part of the circuit.
This inductor is 18-
Conductor 22, with four turns, the antenna is bugged at two turns, and the antenna is connected to the wire being bugged.
There were three wires originally coming out of the inductor.
The two at the end are connected to the circuit, and if you are a beginner, one in the middle is connected to the antenna, just know that line 18 is around 1.
Diameter 024mm or refer to this link: the antenna can use a long or small antenna.
Your transmitter is ready.
Use the phone FM app and check all frequencies.
You will get your frequency.
I uploaded the video.
You can make 4p7 Capacitors by placing capacitors in the e series. g:15p :: 7p.
Now that you have finished making it, then you can box it so that the inductor is not damaged by any damage and Angry Bird MP3 player case I use.
The image is given above.
This is all that the transmitter has done.
Now you\'re in the last step.
All you have to do is install the radio module in the headset.
First, grab some thin copper wire and cut them into pieces.
Then turn on one side of the headset (
Note: different headphones have different ways to open the cabin. )
Where is the wire connected, see if there is space in the headset, and if so, make a hole yourself.
Now you see three wires.
The radio module is also on.
There you will find 3.
5mm female connector.
Now, there will be three wires welded on the lead of the female connector (
However, there may be only two leads connected to the circuit. )
Now connect them to the headphone input leads.
Now connect the battery and the switch in series, through the hole in the input jack, and then weld the switch (
In order to turn the power on or off from the outside. )
But no battery.
The battery will stay inside.
Turn over the board now and you will see two pushes
The button is not at the back and you will see four leads on each button.
Now weld all four leads with wires.
Now push twice.
Button and one-
Turn off the switch, weld it on a small prototype board, and connect all four leads from the button to a small button board that you made very carefully and separately before, but before welding the wires out of the headphones. .
Check all the connections very carefully.
The switch on the small prototype board is the power controller switch.
Now, you can also remove the positive and negative terminals from the battery for charging again.
You can use it now.
Tune the headset to the frequency of the transmitter by approaching the transmitter and scanning it.
If you are using a manual adjustable radio module, weld all the wires from a variable capacitor or inductor and tune through the headphones.
If your radio module is not good enough, you can put the antenna.
There are two ways to do this: first, if you have a pre-
The installed antenna is only welding wires and antennas outside.
Secondly, if your radio module is not and pre-
The antenna is installed, and then the antenna is welded at the audio output ground of the headset because the ground and antenna are used. Here you go. Enjoy!
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