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First off, the treble energy is very recessed

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-22
Soundstage and imaging are, contemplateing my comments concerning the treble reply, impressive. Instruments are often gift significantly 'outside the top' when called for by the recording, though they offer overall a reasonably intimate 'in your head' listening experience like you'd expect from a closed back headphone design. Still, there is sensible ambiance and a full headstage befitting a correct hifi will when listening to the proper recording.They appear to be created of metal from the picture. They are not. It is all painted plastic. Nothing feels flimsy per se, however I wonder how lengthy the folding hinges can hold up over years of use. The scarf is terribly snug, a lot of thus than my K701 in truth, but there's sufficient clamping force that the cups tend to irritate pressure points all over your jaw over time. Worse is that the matter of your ears getting hot and sweaty over long listening periods. During a warm area I can not create it more than thirty minutes previous to my ears are too hot to be snug anymore, and moisture condensation builds up on the plastic safeguard cowling the drivers quite easily. I've truly wiped full drops off of them previous to, and this condensation must be getting to the drivers as well. The mugs themselves seal all across your ear quite securely, and block a nice deal of ambient noise. The sound is affected noticeably by how you position them on your ears. I found that sliding them up and back until the front tips of my ears touch the edges of the cup, then centering them slightly when that created the simplest tonal balance.
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