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have gadget, will travel - the best tech for business trips

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-27
It is essential to carry the most appropriate technology with you on a business trip.
If it\'s a light laptop or a pro laptop, the phone has an advantage when you\'re on the road, what other technical gadgets can make life easier and more efficient to choose the best new products for those who need to work on a business trip. The laptop or pro tablet of your choice will be completed by the working horse in your trip
The machine you choose is light, sturdy, powerful and has a good battery life, which is important.
Here are four laptops and pro tablets. (
Smart Keyboard from 939 euros or 1,117 euros)
Can you really replace a laptop with a tablet?
But with this machine, you can.
With Apple\'s A9X chip, there really isn\'t any lag in handling it.
Better multitasking capabilities for IOS 9 also help: you can run two apps (
Email and Word, for example)
Side by side on the screen.
And extra real estate, 13-
Inch display provided (
It\'s actually twice the standard 10. inch iPad)
This means that you can see more on the screen, which is a great help for writing, editing, or browsing.
It is thin and light for easy carrying in the bag.
For typing, this is different from most tabletskeyboard set-
Ups: Apple smart keyboard (Another 179 euros)
Let it fly.
And have your own mini game
The keyboard, as a protective cover, can play a protective role.
It has a special stylus called an Apple Pencil (
Purchase separately).
Laptops are still in the lead in USB connectivity and professional software.
But the effect is very good. (A 10-
Inch variants can now also be 250 euros less-
Please see the comments section this Saturday. )(€1,470)
If you are a corporate road fighter, your laptop choice may narrow down to which Windows PC reseller your IT department has reached an agreement.
Dell has a very good choice (XPS 13), HP (Spectre 360)and Lenovo (
Basically any Thinkpad).
But Toshiba lights 13-
Toshiba Portege Z30-
C is also worth a look.
And very light (1. 2kg)
The laptop has something that old business travelers might like.
One of its features is Nubin-
Like the track point in the middle of the keyboard.
And backlight and leakage-
The keyboard of the laptop is durable, comfortable and practical.
It has a good battery life, glare-
Screen resistance, high power (
I7 processor, 8 gb memory). (
1179 euros from CompuB)
There are three major MacBook models competing to enter the laptop pack: The new MacBook, the MacBook Air 13, and the MacBook Pro Retina 13.
All three have their own advantages.
But if you are a business traveler who doesn\'t have a lot of computing needs, I will choose the intermediate option, that is, 13-
MacBook Air.
It is very light (1. 35kg)
Very slim and now has some real power under the hood (
8 gb of Ram and up to Core i7 processors).
It beat the lightweight MacBook in power and connection (
Although a little behind 12-
Inch MacBook screen resolution).
It also beat the MacBook Pro Retina with a slim design and weight without losing too much power.
It costs more than two brothers and sisters (by over €300)
And battery life.
I can see a few cases where a slightly smaller, thinner, lighter MacBook might fit the requirements.
But I think the atmosphere is best for business travelers. (€475 from )
Lenovo has added new features to the tablet, which is aimed at employees in the tourism industry.
It has put a pretty decent pico projector in its \"pro\" 10 barrel
Android tablet.
The result is a relatively heavy machine, but it allows you to transfer presentations, slides, or anything you like from the back of your tablet.
Quality of prediction-
Up to 70-
Equivalent to inch display
Very suitable for this form of things.
It certainly meets the basic Powerpoint quality threshold.
Lenovo adds metal and leather to the tablet to make it feel better (
Also added a little weight).
It has a bright HD screen and a good processor (for a tablet)
A micro bracket allows you to support the device yourself or hang it on a hook on the wall.
It is recommended to use additional keyboard accessories from Logitech or zoft.
This is a kind of innovation that will attract a good audience in the market segment.
The phone you bring on a business trip may now be one of the most important items in your tech arsenal.
It is the first contact for email, phone, information, and is the main tool for booking services or checking things like booking.
Here are the three main phones you should consider. (
Unlock 869 euros or 199 euros for operators)
In Ireland, the iphone is the default business phone provided by the enterprise IT department.
The iPhone 6 S Plus is the best option for those traveling a lot.
There are several reasons for this.
Mainly the screen size of the equipment: a 5. 5-
Inch screen is more useful than 4-
An inch model of a person who needs to work on a plane using a mobile phone.
Huge business users
Screen Phones know this and few people will go back to smaller phones. Battery life -
Big problem with iphone before
It is also much better on 6 s Plus than on smaller models.
Thanks to Apple\'s \"9\" chip, the phone has more muscle than most phones.
There are other notable features, including \"3d touch\" for app shortcuts and better cameras.
Finally, the \"s\" model of the iphone is often more
In physical design, the \"s\" model is usually pressed flat. (€872 from )
If you like your type-
From hand luggage and Moleskin notebooks, the beauty of the Samsung S7 Edge can be attractive.
The main card of the S7 Edge is that the screen is gradually thinner on both sides to obtain a curved glass finish.
The visuals are very impressive: this is definitely a phone that catches your attention when it\'s placed on a meeting room table.
While keeping the tablet, Samsung also narrowed the overall size of the phonegrade 5. 5-
Make the phone more suitable for one by eliminating the border on both sides-
Better than any other 5. 5-
Inch smartphone competitors
Under the hood, the S7 Edge is a beast with 4 gb of Ram and an ultra-fast processor.
It is actually waterproof as well.
It also includes an external memory card slot that you can extend to 200 gb with its onboard 32 GB. (
Unlock from free € 3 or 749)
Not everyone wants an iPhone or Samsung. And among long-
Time smartphone users still have quite a lot of feelings, HTC, once the best mobile phone in the market. The 5. 2-
The screen of Inch HTC 10 is located at the high end of the market, 564 pixels per Inch, betterthan-full-
HD 2 k resolution.
Its 3,000 mAh battery is also one of the better power reserves in smartphones, and its usb c port means faster charging. (
You can charge 50 computers in 30 minutes. )
The SD memory card also has a slot to increase its on-board 32 gb of storage space.
Mobile phone engine based on 64-
Bit architecture is very powerful, and its new camera is close to the top lens on the phone.
HTC has also redesigned the phone frame with the \"chamfer\" edge.
If you have a choice, this is a great choice for other market leaders. (
75 euros from Apple\'s online store)
This should definitely be the first for any business traveler
Related attachments you package.
Techlink\'s top-up 12,000 is about the size of a large mobile phone, twice the thickness of a large mobile phone.
It is equipped with a mini cable for iOS (iPhone, iPad)and Micro USB (
Android phones, other gadgets).
It allows you to charge two devices at the same time, one of which can speed up the charge.
Its 12,000 mAh capacity means you can charge the iPhone about five times.
It is cleverly designed to open a flip cover that allows you to stand upright on your phone or tablet while charging. (€399 from )GOOD Noise-
Canceling Headphones is more than just plugging you into your music
When you\'re trying to work, they keep you away from distracting or annoying background noise even when you\'re not connected to any music source.
This is noise.
It is worth investing in canceling headphones.
The soft leather of Sennheiser creates the Momentum Wireless 2.
0 light and comfortable, good audio quality, high noise-cancellation.
On-board microphones mean that you can use them as wireless Bluetooth phone headsets, while they can also be folded up for easy shipping in your own case. (
55 euro Harvey Norman)
I often need to bring people to meetings (
Or telephone interviews)
Working on the road
Sony\'s powerful small (6cm by 6cm)
The X11 sound cube does this well.
This is a specially designed Micro speaker with built-in microphone
No tinny audio you get with your phone speakers.
This is a simple set.
Wirelessly pair with your phone or other Bluetooth audio source.
If you like a little bit of the background atmosphere at work, it is also perfect for being a suitable music speaker. (35 euros from CopmuB)
This type of adapter is usually convenient in various situations.
Most business laptops have SD card memory slots, which is sometimes the only way to transfer files to your phone when wifi is not available.
If any part of your trip involves taking pictures using an actual camera (
Especially without wifi)
This is also very valuable for quick editing and sharing photos. (€30 from )
One danger in the hotel room is how stingy the electrical outlet is.
This can cause problems if you have more than one laptop and one phone to charge. Lindy\'s 4-
Port travel charger is a way to beat the system.
It has four USB.
Plug the power connector into one plug, which means you can connect multiple smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets at the same time.
It is also equipped with adapters from Europe and the United States. (
Pay 70 euros from office eshop. ie)
Today, the USB key is almost a one-time item.
This is the problem.
So if additional backups are required for documents you don\'t want to share, one solution is to encrypt the flash drive.
The model of Imation is similar to many models in the field. Its 256-
Bit encryption matches strict security standards, while 7 failed login attempts will automatically clear all data on the drive.
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