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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-11
Ear spray, a term was attributed to NPR's Morning Edition, is the tinny sound that leaks out of someone else's headphones. An NPR producer humorously described her experience on a crowded train, when she was subjected to second-hand sound from a young man's iPod. The story got me thinking about the effect of portable multimedia players. The more these devices shrink in size and cost, the more often they're used in public places. Inevitably, we can't prevent ear spray. To consider how our use of personal media player may appear to others, please wear your Earphone and turn down its voice. In addition to this, you ought to know some rules when use headphone: 1. Shorten wearing headphones time when exercising A Finnish study recommended that exercisers should set your earphones volumes to half of your normal loudness and only use them for a half hour. 2. limite the use of earphones to a single ear while driving Wearing earphone while driving vehicles means the complete isolation from outside noise, which can be a hazard in itself, you could miss the sound of a car horn and walk into traffic with fatal consequences. Losing situational awareness can also lead to theft, particularly in busy environments where bumping into another person would be ignored, e.g., subway stations. 3. Turn down the volume Whenever you're at the office or in a crowded train, elevator, or other public space, do everyone a favor and lower the volume of your Headsets to prevent ear spray. 4. Don't wear a Bluetooth earpiece in a meeting Most of the time, Bluetooth earpieces aren't a problem. But if you're in a meeting, particularly a one-on-one, consider removing yours. Why? Because wearing one in a meeting sends a couple of messages: The meeting may be interrupted at any minute if you get a phone call; and that call is as important to you, than the meeting, if not more so. 5. Remove both earbuds when spoken to others Some people at the office--particularly in a cubicle environment--listen to music while they work at their desks. It's a great way to block out noise pollution and concentrate. But when someone comes into your cube to talk to you, removing both earbuds.
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