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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-26
Whether you like it or not, more and more smartphone manufacturers are giving up the headphone jack to make their devices thinner and thinner.
Dongles, offered by charity, allows you to use standard headphones, but most prefer you to buy a wireless version.
Whether you\'re listening to music while running, exercising in the gym, taking a train, or walking around, here\'s how to determine if the wireless network is the best for you and which headset to buy. All isn’t lost.
In the past, wireless audio was synonymous with terrible sound, but it was a few years ago.
Bluetooth is used for most wireless headphones, which is also short
For example, remote technology that lets a phone talk to a car or a wireless mouse talk to a laptop.
Bluetooth audio used to sound bad because it was short
Scope, not designed for a lot of information, so it has to be compressed a lot to work on.
But at the time, the wireless headset sounded much better today. (
Don\'t believe us?
Try this blind audio test.
You can even notice the difference between Bluetooth and wired audio yourself! )
\"Bluetooth is no longer a huge audio compromise. (
Despite what some enthusiasts tell you. )
Lauren Dragan, audio/video expert at Wirecutter, the New York Times product review site, explained in an email: \"There are some great Bluetooth headsets out there, but you may spend more money than traditional wired headphones to get this audio quality. Why?
Because of the high cost of manufacturing/purchasing Bluetooth component technology, and the headset manufacturers usually do not cut corners.
With the development of Bluetooth headset, wireless technology is also developing.
New version including new Bluetooth 5.
0 is available on Apple\'s latest iPhone and will be available on the next generation of Android devices, which promises to transfer more data faster, meaning better audio quality and richer sound.
Today, Bluetooth headsets and earbuds are available at multiple price points, designed for those who need them when running or exercising, or don\'t stand out when you\'re walking around the city or taking the subway.
If you are willing to pay, there are even models that guarantee excellent audio quality.
So since you know that wireless audio is not the end of the world, consider your use case.
Wirecutter provides the best use of wireless headsets here. Let’s be fair —
Even if you die
Hard enthusiasts-
People who like to sit and listen to your music and enjoy that comprehensive, in-depth, immersive experience --
The time you might be using a wireless headset may not be the time you really enjoy music.
For example, if you\'re on a bus or subway, or going for a run, or even working out in a gym, you might not really focus on the nuances of music.
You need it to help you get through the last mile, or drown out the noise of the train or your chatty car --
Friends of the pool, but now it\'s hard to really dive into the details of the guitar in your favorite song, or really appreciate the sound range of your favorite singer.
More likely, you need headphones, which can also make you feel what\'s going on around you, but still block some external noise.
This is the so-called \"isolation \"(
Audio term for \"blocking noise from outside or unwanted)
If you\'re going to wear a wireless headset in public, this is ideal.
You also need your headphones to easily connect to your phone and stay connected without dropping the line or forcing you to stop listening and reconnect them.
You may also worry about battery life as you want them to stay charged while you\'re running or commuting.
Remember all of this when you go shopping.
Or, let\'s say you want the wireless headset for the office.
You may need a pair of combinations that pay more attention to audio quality as you may use them while working at your desk.
You may also want something that blocks the hustle and bustle of your office, but you won\'t be scared if a co-worker comes over and talks to you.
You might consider something \"active noise cancellation\", a headset with its own built-in --
In the microphone, listen to the sound around and create a sound wave that actively cancels the sound.
Isolation is often less expensive because it does not require technology (
Or battery power)
For active noise cancellation.
However, noise canceling headphones are the best shielding sound you can focus on your music.
It\'s worth remembering, however, that they don\'t necessarily sound better than anything else.
So if you\'re worried about audio quality, don\'t rush to find the box while \"canceling the noise.
All in all, think about whether you will use wireless headphones in public
Where you need situational awareness
Or in private, you\'ll want a quieter listening experience.
You can then consider your audio quality requirements as they may depend on the previous answers.
Once you think about when and where you need your new wireless headset, it\'s time to think about what you want to spend --
Or rather, avoid spending too much.
There are a lot of different price wireless headset models to choose from, but Ms.
Dragan suggested not to be too cheap: \"When headphone companies want to lower the price of headphones, they usually cut corners on manufacturing quality or drivers.
Sometimes, if the length of the headset is long enough, the price may start to drop over time, and we have seen this in Jabra and some other companies.
\"So keep in mind that the cheapest wireless headset on the market may be stingy with these aspects.
Build quality to make your headphones feel solid and solid compared to cheap and fragile headphones.
The driver is the best indicator of audio quality-
So cheap drivers mean tiny, robotic sounds.
High quality usually means good sound but higher price.
Most importantly, don\'t be fooled by the whistle of a manufacturer that doesn\'t have much to do with your actual listening experience.
If you want your headset to last longer between charging, then it\'s worth the extra battery life, but customizable LED lighting may not be.
The cost of active noise elimination is higher and the battery consumption is faster. A built-
In the microphone, so you can answer the phone, which may be worth it according to your use case, but consider this before you buy, not on features you won\'t use
Headphones are hard to get because you can\'t really try them before you buy one. Ms.
Dragan has tested hundreds of pairs and has written several comments on Wikipedia to help.
If you are looking for the best wireless headphones to work out, she has specific adviceon over-
Headphones (headphones)
Maybe better for office listening than portability)
, This is the best portable wireless earbuds for those who want everything: audio quality, ability to answer the phone, portability and moderate isolation, even the best \"real\" wireless headphones are like no wires, even connecting one earbud to the other.
Each review provides a preferred and follow-up option for budget shoppers or those who are looking for upgrades and are willing to spend more on some additional features.
Keep in mind, however, that the new model is coming soon.
\"We haven\'t seen a change in the Bluetooth version for a while.
We are on the 4 th. 0 and 4-iterations (4. 1, 4. 2, etc. )
\"Bluetooth 5 is right here, which means the headphone manufacturer will be in a hurry to try and get the audio fan up,\" she explains . \".
This means that in the coming months, you can expect that the prices of these old headphones will be lower, there will be new versions on the market before or around the holidays, promising longer battery life, better sound quality, of course, compatibility with the latest phones.
You don\'t need to wait, the same Wikipedia guide will be updated when the new model is released, but maybe put a pair on your holiday shopping list, take a look at giving it some thought before you buy it.
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