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how to use mixcder wireless bluetooth headphones with nintendo switch or ps4?

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-26
Recently, Mixcder received some bad comments because Mixcder made with wireless Bluetooth headset could not be used wirelessly with Switch or PS 4.
Today, I\'m here to explain why your switch can\'t be used with Bluetooth headsets and how to solve this problem. 1.
Why can\'t Bluetooth headsets be used with Switch or ps4? The answer is simple. Bluetooth is not supported by Switch or ps4.
No problem with Bluetooth headsets.
If you have any questions about our products, please contact the Mixcder customer service representative for quick help. 2.
How to use Switch or PS 4 with Bluetooth headset. There is a way to use the Bluetooth headset with the switch or PS 4, but in order to connect the accessory, you have to pay some extra cash to get the accessory.
Fortunately, Mixcder provides a device TR008 Bluetooth transmitter and receiver that can connect the headset to the switch or PS 4. 3.
2 steps to connect a TR008 transmitter to a switch or PS4 1.
Connect the TR 008 transmitter to the switch or PS 4 with 3.
The 5mm audio cable that comes with Tr008. 2).
Switch the switch to \"TX\" mode.
TR008 will be in wireless transmitter mode. 3).
Press the power button for about 3 seconds to start the device. 4).
Turn on the Bluetooth headset and press the \"pair\" button of tr008.
The pairing process is then completed automatically. 5)
When the pairing process for both devices is complete, you can enjoy your game time.
This is obviously not the ideal solution, but it does work.
Consider this setting if you prefer to use Bluetooth audio for a switch or PS4.
In addition, the TR008 wireless transmitter can be used with desktop computers, TVs, car audio systems, etc.
It\'s really a very useful device!
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