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If you are someone that finds it difficult to

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-23
Often times, many busy professionals manage their personal times efficiently to their professions without remembering that they need emotional success and love as well. If you are someone who goes in early and stays late, this is alright on needed occasions, but when a co-worker tells you about an after-hours office party, or a few of the office gang are going for drinks, learn to say yes. A few times a month will get you out of the office, time to loosen the tie or let down your hair. Meet those office workers away from the water cooler and meeting rooms. If that doesnt offer opportunities to meet someone special than start looking for different events or venues along your commute route, something from home to work. Something like a good jazz bar, sports bar, or park. Somewhere you can stop on your way to or from work where socializing and having a good time is something that you cannot avoid. Opportunities to meet other single professionals will be the overall ultimate goal. If there is a gym that you frequent make sure that you are allowing yourself to be approachable, such as leaving the headphones in your locker bag just this one time, or keep your nose out of that People magazine while on the treadmill. Find an open bike next to someone else, strike up a conversation. The idea is to change your personal life without compromising your professional goals or achievements. It is possible to make time for both and have a balanced healthy personal and professional lifestyle.
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