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Motor Power One of the biggest distinguishers between models - in terms of quality - is the motor. Basic treadmills will run somewhere in the low 1's in terms of horsepower, but commercial-grade options like this one can pump it up to 3. Unfortunately it isn't possible to compare machines just on motor size as there are also major differences with quality. The only way to be certain you are getting a good quality motor is to purchase a respected brand. Motor Quality Lower-horsepower models and lower-quality models will have noticeable differences in the quality of their motor output. If you intend to use your treadmill vigorously or apply a large amount of weight to it, you'll notice less noise and strain from higher-end models. Weight Capacity There are a number of reasons to run on a treadmill regularly, and no two users will be the same. Some people use them to help train or keep fit, and already have a low bodyweight. Some people want to use their system to lose weight. Thus a lower weight capacity could be right for some people (often below 100 kg), but others might need to make sure their system comes with a much higher capacity (this model maxes at 170 kg). Running Area Running surface area could be significant for those trying to lose body mass, or for those who have specific special needs, as well. Smaller models may fit into the corner of an office, or even in a tiny personal gym room. Larger models allow for more freedom of motion. Incline This is a great feature for advanced runners looking for a challenge, for adding a fun challenge or for preparing for a run in a high altitude or sloping terrain. Workout Feedback and Assessments Some people are health nuts (in a good way!) and keep careful track of their heart rate, calorie output, BMI, etc. Some people just want to run! Basic treadmill models will give basic information, such as distance travelled or average running speed. More advanced models will feature a wide range of assessments instantly, from heart rate percentage to watts to target heart rate and more. Device Integration Everyone likes to listen to music while they run, and rather than hooking up to your earphones every time you hit the treadmill, you can get a model that integrates devices with USB hook-ups, auxiliary inputs, speakers and more. Desks Workaholics looking to put a treadmill into their office space will love having a built-in desk they can use while they run. Keep your paperwork in order, prop up an earnings report, jot down a few illegible notes and even set up your laptop right in front of you, and you'll have everything you need to keep healthy and productive simultaneously.
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