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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-25
In-Ear vs Over-the-Ear Headphones Of course the main benefit to using in-ear headphones is that they are easily portable due to their small size. So if you are on the move a lot and want to save on space, the in-ear style is a good choice. The major problem you will tend to find with the earbud style of earphones is that they don't tend to be very good with the bass end of the sound spectrum. With over-the-ear style headphones, they are clunkier and less convenient when it comes to travelling. The good thing is though, with higher-end models, they tend to be foldable, which partly eliminates the travelling problem; and it has to be said, the sound quality is a lot better with this type of headphones, especially with the higher-end models. Features to Look for in No-noise Headphones Noise Reduction: check the noise reduction capability of the headphones, if you want the true noise-cancelling experience. This is something that very much varies from product to product, so take a look at what previous customers have to say. Comfort: your headphones should be comfortable to wear, so check what previous customers have to say about this. Weight & Foldability: if you're planning to use your headphones for travelling, for example on air plane flights, then you will want them to be nice and light. You will also want them to be easily foldable. Sound Quality: your new headphones should just be all about cutting out unwanted external noise. You also want them to be good at reproducing high quality sound. Cord Length: how far away from the sound source are you likely to want to be? a short cord is fine if you're just travelling on a train listening to your MP3 player, but some situations (such as lying on your bed far away from your computer or TV) then a longer cord is needed. The Number 1 Noise Cancelling Headset Makes & Their Products Sennheiser: $15-$1,400. Undoubtedly the top make of noise canceling headphones. A very good collection of headphones spread across an especially large price range. Sony: $14-$240. A decent range of headphones at reasonable prices. Bose: $70-$300. A decent collection of noise cancelling headsets. Philips: $53-$195. A decent collection of headsets at reasonable prices. JVC: $16-$150. A good selection of headphones at reasonable prices. Audio Technica: $60-$220. A choice of extremely reasonably priced headphones. Still not sure which earphones to buy? Go to Best Noise Cancelling Headphones where you will find reviews of all the number 1 Noise Cancelling Earphones, including the Beats by Dr Dre
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