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\'iphone 7 better come with a find my headphones app\': apple backlash begins after it ditches earplugs socket in favour of wireless airpods that will set you back £159

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-26
After months of anticipation, Apple has finally released its controversial iPhone 7 headphone socket.
Instead, users can plug in the lighting port or choose to use the wireless \"airpod\" headset, which costs £ 159 in the UK and $159 in the US.
The response to this change has been mixed, with many laughing at the price of AirPods on Twitter and their easy loss.
But some people praised the move.
Apple said \"prosecution\"
Emphasize the importance of innovation to the lasting popularity of the iPhone.
Video ostephen Ebbett, global director of gadgets insurance to protect your bubble, said: \"Apple does not object to this strange controversial step,, the decision to remove the headphone jack port from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models is indeed a major move.
No matter what you think of it, this is the latest iteration Apple has ever had.
The popular iPhone is proof of how they are constantly seeking innovation in an increasingly busy space.
The IPhone 7 is no longer available.
5mm headphone jack for all previous models.
Phil Schiller, Apple\'s senior vice president of global marketing, said: \"Apple headphones are the most popular headphones in the world.
Now we move them to lightning. \'Why?
Because it provides digital audio, power supplies, and many other advantages that are simply impossible to achieve compared to analog connections.
The analog headphone jack has been with us for a long time.
But the reason for moving forward is courage.
\"Go ahead and have the courage to do something new that is good for all of us.
Ports located at the bottom edge of the previous model are discarded in order to make more space for new internal hardware.
The move means that owners of the iPhone 7 will not be able to connect any of the headphones directly to the traditional 3. 5mm plug.
In the past, those who splurge on expensive wired headsets needed to use lightning 3. 5mm adapter.
You can also use a wireless Bluetooth headset or a headset with an Apple Lightning connector
The connector used by the technology company on the charger.
However, if buyers upgrade to headphones equipped with lightning jacks, they will not be ableApple devices.
Another option is to use Apple\'s new wireless \"airpod\" headset.
Simply open the provided case and Click Connect, which can be used with the iPhone or Apple Watch.
AirPods are designed to provide 5 hours of playback, while their charging boxes can last 25 hours.
Richard Stiennon, chief strategy officer at Blancco Technology Group, said: \"When it comes to Apple, people tend to focus on the products that the company has launched.
\"I expect users to buy connectors to connect their old accessories when they buy a new iPhone 7.
But it turns out that Apple\'s attempt to push users to change their headphones is not popular with many people on Twitter.
Hashtag \"courage\" has been used to simulate this change, and it seems that users are mainly worried about the loss of wireless headphones.
Chris Megerian wrote on Twitter: \"Here are some new Apple headsets that are more expensive and easier to lose and you need to charge them every few hours.
Another user, Leanne Manas, wrote on Twitter: \"I think these have been lost!
Oh, good luck to the crew and find these babies hidden in our ears.
Other users took a more ironic approach, such as Kenneth NL, who joked that Apple removed the screen, home key and camera from the leaked image of the iPhone 8.
However, not all responses on Twitter are negative, and some praised the company\'s progress --thinking.
Jordan Godfrey said on Twitter: \"The headphone jack is old technology and it\'s great to see Apple looking to move from analog to digital.
In the previous update, the new features were initially evaluated in a similar way, but Apple has been at the forefront of new technologies.
Mr. Stiennon added: \"Apple has been pursuing the idea of eliminating old features, adding updates, and more complex features.
Remember how they led smartphone innovation without a keyboard?
This innovation is critical to why the iPhone is so popular and acclaimed by users, engineers and industry experts.
Many have been connected to speakers and headphones via Bluetooth-remote high quality.
This seems to be one of the reasons why Apple is so confident in their decision to eliminate the headphone jack.
Wireless headset manufacturers welcome the development of wireless technology.
At retail chain John Lewis, sales of wireless headsets soared by 60 age points a week.
Katrina Mills, a buyer of John Lewis, said: \"Last night\'s announcement will drive the biggest sales of wireless headsets.
\"Before the news release, we have seen an increase in demand for wireless headsets, and the noise elimination function and motion model proved to be very popular.
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