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jabra’s sport bluetooth headset is just right for rainy runs

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-31
Runners of a certain age will remember that the idea of a lightweight wireless sports headset was ridiculous not long ago.
Even parts of the equipment that meet the bill are large in size, large in size and surprisingly short in battery life.
However, the Jabra Sport Bluetooth headset may end up being free for all of us.
These headphones are basically a pair of sturdy motion earbuds connected by a short cable.
The earbuds are wrapped in rubber and wrapped around the ears to ensure a comfortable fit (
There are extra \"earmuffs\" to accommodate these things more comfortably)
And connect to any Bluetooth-
Compatible with music devices. On-
The board controls the handling of track changes and charges the entire assembly for about three hours at a time.
The headset supports A2DP Bluetooth and provides bass boost for those who want to add more bass-
Their Jamiroquai is over.
In addition to music playback, these headphones are built in
In FM radio and a small microphone, you can answer the phone while running.
The wind shield prevents you from sounding like you\'re on the wings of an airplane when you\'re talking on the street.
Jabra Sport costs $99 and is about the price of a standard Bluetooth headset, but water-and sweat-proof.
Jabra also launched its own sports app, Endomondo sports Tracker, which provides performance feedback along with headphones.
Sadly, when Jabra Sport feels like you\'re fiddling with an iPhone on the treadmill instead of running, it doesn\'t give a slight electric shock.
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