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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-27
Over the ear - As the name suggests, these earphones cup your ears and a band comes over your head. These are absolutely efficient at reproducing sound most accurately and blocking external noise more effectively than other types. Also, they are great at reproducing low bass sounds. These are heavier that other head sets and can interfere with earrings and hair. However the sound clarity and noise isolation they offer is unmatched. Leading providers offer this kind of headsets when you buy headphones online. Ear Pads - These are also known as 'closed-back' headphones. They are semi-open and are worn on the ear, however they cover it entirely. Ear pads vary widely in price and quality. They offer excellent audio reproduction at the high end. They are convenient to carry as they are lighter and more comfortable than over-the-ear headphones. However they cannot cut background noise as effectively. Ear buds/ in-ear headphones - These are the most common kind of headsets available today. You will see a great variety of them when you buy headphones online. These headsets actually set inside the ear canal, hence they are really small. The audio quality of ear buds varies widely. Many say that these offer better noise cancellation as compared to over-the-ear models. However, since they project sound directly into the ear canal, long term use with high volumes can lead to permanent hearing loss. Noise cancelling - These kinds of headphones use a microphone and electronic circuit as well as a speaker. As every sound has a wave pattern, the microphone picks it up. Noise-cancelling headphones then produce an exactly opposite sound wave, and the two cancel each other out. The reversed wave patterns counteract with the background noise patterns leaving just the audio from the source. These are much better as compared to over-the-ear or ear bud headphones if noise cancellation is a feature you are looking out for. Wireless - Being wire free is what we all want today. And wireless headsets are the perfect answer for travellers who have a lot to carry and want to do away with the wire business. Wireless headphones let you listen to music even when you are ways from your audio set. Some models use radio frequencies to send audio to the headset. Bluetooth headphones use narrow bandwidth transmissions to reduce interference. This lets you enjoy excellent sound clarity. The range is usually shorter as compared to other wireless devices, less than 100 feet. You can choose from a huge variety when you set out to buy headphones online.
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