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Motorola recently introduced two new handsets

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-12
If you are bored with the onboard music, there is FM radio along with integrated Radio Data System or RDS. It displays the track artist, name and title of what is playing on the radio. It is disappointing to see that the Motorola W230 doesn't come with camera and the display is quite basic with resolution of 128x128 pixels. There is no Bluetooth on Motorola W230 too. The lack of advanced features keeps the weight of the phone under control. The handset is just 80 grams heavy and it is easy to carry around. There is also the Sony Ericsson W760i, a very stylish phone which feels really good in the hand. It has a lightweight and solid build with an attractive design for personal and business use. Slide the keypad out and you will see a set of flat and large buttons which are really soft to push and easy to quick testing. On the top, there is the Memory Stick Micro card slot and this position lets you change the cards easily. You can unlock and navigate the features of Sony Ericsson W760i without sliding the keypad out. There is a dedicated Walkman button for this purpose. It is very useful when you are listening to music. But the absence of a 3.5 mm headphones jack is really disappointing and unforgivable in a music phone. One would hesitate to use this phone as a replacement to a discrete MP3 player. You will have to use the plastic bundled proprietary adapter for using your own set of headphones. This results in three meters of cable between the phone and your ears. This is perhaps the only major criticism about the design of the phone. Other than this, the phone is quite good. Sony Ericsson W980i is a phone that is built solidly and it is made for fashion enthusiasts. However, the body is all glossy and it attracts a lot of fingerprints easily. The phone has a clamshell design and the two halves produce a satisfying click when they reach the either end. The rubberized back cover makes the phone feel good in the hand and the keypad too is well spaced out for typing messages easily. There is haptic feedback for the buttons on Sony Ericsson W980i and this tells you when you have pressed the keys on the phone.
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