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optoma be sport 4 bluetooth earphones review

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-25
Optoma\'s Be Sport 4 headphones have some big shoes to make up.
The 3 s is great and a favorite for runners, commuters and the gym --goers alike.
But with its stylish design, BE Sport 4S has a bright start.
The brushed aluminum housing on the bud is on the back, but this time the edges are square into small cubes instead of the cylinder of BE Sport 3 s.
Neon though, I think they look good
The decor on all accessories means they look more home in the gym than anywhere else.
You\'ll get a range of size options, with four different sets of silicone tips attached to the headphones, as well as some different wings to help them cling to the inside of the ear.
Earbuds are wired magnetic so you can wear them like a necklace when you don\'t listen, which helps to make sure you don\'t drop them.
The sound is also good.
The BE Sport 4S lacks a bit of bass, but they provide a clear sound without being too small;
Something that bothers other Bluetooth headsets.
I found them loud enough to flood the creaking treadmill I made while running in the gym, and the comfortable body helped squeeze out most of the external noise. Plus the 10-
An hour\'s battery life means I find myself not touching the charger too often.
One of my problems with Optoma Be Sport 3 s is that there is a lot of delay in turning them on and they successfully sync with my phone.
But syncing with Be Sport 4S is almost immediate, and I \'ve never had a connection problem in the test.
Overall I am a fan but I have some minor complaints.
When I run using most of the wired Bluetooth headsets (including BE Sport 4S), I find that the extra weight of the battery located right under the right earbuds keeps pulling all the wires to one side of my neck, makes earbuds more likely to fall off.
The Bose sound sport headset solves the problem with a small clip on the back and you can connect it to your t-
A shirt that prevents this wire from sliding;
Need to include more Headphone designers.
Another problem I found in the BE Sport 4S is that the three buttons on the small control panel are adjacent to each other, which means that this is a three button
Draw every time you go to pause the music or change the volume.
But in addition to these issues, BE Sport 4S is one of the best Bluetooth headsets you can get at the gym.
They are not as good as the elite sport of Jabra, but they are also much cheaper.
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