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Recently, British Elektron, owner of Bulgin, Arcolectric

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-26
As a historic industrial manufacturing company, Elektron, by virtue of its strong financial strength and industry leadership, has merged many senior brands. The 15 brands of Elektron set foot in the land, sea and air in many areas and industries, from aerospace to automotive, electronics, medical and even the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), and continue to contribute to the quality of products and services for scientific research and industrial manufacturing. Although annexing many brands, Elektron has greatly enhanced its own strength. However, Elektron did not neglect the weak connection and image separation among brands. Elektron in March of this year has designed logos for its 15 brands, which are more lively and united comparing with the old versions. It can be seen from this brand remodeling that the general conception is to build up unified corporate image and to integrate the company from a scattered portion into an enterprise with cohesion. On the basis of this, Elektron has updated its organization structure and integrated classification its brand and market sales team. Just within a few years, Asian Pacific sale has accounted for 19% of Elektron's global business, and still maintains a strong growing trend. Lately, Elektron launched Asia's official website:, intending to cooperate with rebuilding brand to establish a unified corporate image by putting all brand information to the same site. At the same time in order adjust customer's reading habits, Chinese and Japanese versions were added. For some electronic component brands like Bulgin and Arcolectric, sample ordering function enables customers to receive samples at the first time, enhancing communication and interaction between customers. Elektron hopes to better focus on technology innovation, customer service and to get stable profit growth by remolding its brands. Most of Elektron's brands have a long history, gaining industry's reputation for more than half a century since establishment, which helps Elektron quickly occupy specific markets in numerous countries. However, the brand remodeling cannot accomplish at one stroke process. Elektron will work together with customers to adapt and accept new brand cognition. Elektron believes that a unified and coherent brand image will bring more clarity, impact force and more guidance for customers. Established in 1977 October, Kingstate Electronics Corporation is one of the world's leading acoustic manufacturers in Taiwan. Kingstate continuously offers a full and diversified range of products such as Piezoelectric Buzzer, Magnetic Buzzer, Micro Speaker, Dynamic Receivers, Electret Condenser Microphone and Earphones etc. For the past 30 years, Kingstate has been believed and dedicated in providing customers with High Quality and Professional Acoustic Solutions.
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