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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-30
I swear, this Instructable is about doing something very original that has never been done on this site: using gadgets that don\'t support Bluetooth and adding this feature by soldering and abusing the screwdriver.
You can thank me later. Materials:-
A pair of headphones you want to liberate.
What I particularly like is these gorgeous AM/FM headphones (
Highlight my manhood with an antenna)
I found it at the courtyard auction next to the old camera.
I decided that the headset was better for listening to music than the camera, so I bought it.
Old Harg asked for $3 and wanted to take me for a ride, but I managed to cut her off for $2.
This is New York. I don\'t accept anyone\'s nonsense. -
Stereo Bluetooth headset as your donor.
I used the vulgar combination of Ryanair and AirBnB to get myself to Shenzhen, China, and bought a few headphones.
It took only four days and I had to hide in a pine box and have a chipmunk in an uncompressed twin wing aircraft cabin, but it was worth it.
Although in the future if I am banned for trying to sell the ghost of Michael Jackson, I will use eBay. -Soldering Iron.
Man, don\'t touch the end. -Wire Stripper.
I\'m not talking about ol\' Bony at the gentlemen\'s club. -Screwdriver.
Notice there are two kinds of screws
Phillips and Alan
People\'s names?
No matter who you are, don\'t try to analyze the tools! -Dremel/Grinder.
If necessary, cut the hole on the headset housing to loop or reveal the button. -
Glue, my broken heart.
If you are not bothered by guilt and loneliness and can\'t do these things, connect the board to the inner shell. -Sense of self-worth (still lookin\')
Your results will be different, but unfortunately this is too easy for humans: destruction.
Use screwdriver, prison Stone, crowbar, etc.
Take apart your Bluetooth headset
You are looking for the motherboard inside.
You may have a stereo headset with the wires winding all the way around the sides and the wires stuck in the case.
Fortunately, they have one thing in common with Kim Kardashian: they don\'t have.
Cut them off, if necessary, or leave them as long as possible.
We need some wires to connect to the original headphones.
Then take apart your headphones.
But remember that you need these things to go back together so don\'t spoil them! Yet!
When there is no beef pie in the deli and you have to eat an old burger, you will knock over the showroom of the hostess. . . . . . you know what?
Let\'s go to the next step before I break these things. Serenity Now.
Next, we need to find the connection.
I am not talking about the relationship between people, but rather. . .
When we were here, did you know anyone?
My last girlfriend left me because I lost my glasses and accidentally kissed someone else.
It\'s not my fault that she looks like her dad!
Inside the Bluetooth headset you will be looking for at least 4 wires and/or terminals: positive, negative left speakers and positive, negative right speakers.
Since Bluetooth headsets are usually small, these headphones are likely to be small or difficult to tell from other wires.
Look for small letters or symbols next to the wire terminals on the board to determine which is which.
If you see a spider, run.
Leave the door open so they can leave. Never return.
Even I was confused by a pair of mysterious wires on the headphone board until I saw the letter \"M\" printed on it \".
Good thing, I didn\'t immediately tear anything I didn\'t understand, as the jianghu doctor did when I was born.
At the very least, the medical accident lawsuit ended up paying for my treatment.
Find these same wires in the headphones.
Normally everything you need will be in a compartment with a wire sticking out, because the wire on the other side will be daisy-
Link by unit.
You will take out your burn stick to complete the connection between the Bluetooth headset board and the speaker inside the headset.
Here are some hot tips: the end of the soldering iron. It\'s so bad.
It hit my arm and now the hair in that place is no longer long.
The hair on me looks like Durbin who urinated on someone\'s lawn and the grass is dead.
In order to fit the wires of the Bluetooth headset neatly inside the housing, it may have to be cut off.
Like my childhood.
Why didn\'t the ice cream seller see where he was going? !
Even as an adult, I twitch whenever I hear pop music.
I\'m too messed up.
Polarity is not so important.
A enthusiast might disagree with me and throw his fedora in disgust, but forreal: it doesn\'t make much sense to put on headphones.
Connect two wires.
It will work if you hear your lovely Led Zeppelin guitar solo coming out.
Instead, if you hear Rihanna, drop off from my website and never come back.
You will have a wild day to install and glue the boards on the headphones from the plastic box of the headphones.
I hope you pick something big in the room or you will have a bad time. DJ-
Style can headphones are usually perfect as they are nice & empty inside. Like me :(
For a love of all divine things, please make sure everything is OK, and then you try to snap the headphones back together with a pair of cy sons like a monkey.
If the case of the headset does not have any holes to give you access to the button or charger, some extreme body modifications may have to be made using Dremel.
I do feel the need, but I\'m not talking about my headphones.
My gum says \"communism works on paper\" and now I try not to smile when I go for an interview. Re-
Insert the screws and plug all the wires back.
A common problem with modifying things is that unless you use shrink tubes or messy tape on everything that has the risk of exposing wire contact (
Not that way)
When you shut the patient up
Push everything away or isolate.
I know I\'m not insulated because my house is always the opposite no matter what season, in New York, which means Dutch oven or zero ice station.
In this terrible death box I call home, I have no middle ground.
Thank you for reading if you go so far & I\'ll put my phone number up later so someone can call and tell me what I wrote.
I wear a blindfold and kick my keyboard barefoot, like a kid who doesn\'t want to get up.
I\'m curious what happened.
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