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Some people prefer traveling for a variety of reasons

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-14
This information helps a lot for those who cannot stand dry and also make them to prepare for the climate. I prefer dry seasons actually, so I think the best period to make a travel in Hawaii is from April to October. What's more, these are the months when you can get good travel bargains. If you have kids, you can make your travel in summer, as summer in Hawaii can be hot and humid and kids are out of school, but it gets a big crowd at the beach. Hurricanes are rare in Hawaii, so you can enjoy basking under the warm Hawaiian sun and feeling your cares drift away with each gentle wave that laps at your feet the whole afternoon, listen to your favorite songs through bluetooth headphones, and watch beautiful girls come and go. If you feel bored about sunbath, then go swimming to get closer to Hawaii. The water temperature in Hawaii is very consistent. The year-round average water temperature is a warm 74 degrees. It can reach 80 degrees in summer. Anyway, it is not the perfect season to surf in summer in Hawaii, and winter is the ideal season. You can even go hiking in Hawaii to see the fabulous nature on Hawaiian Islands. I like go hiking because it gives me plump chances to observe interesting things on both sides. Perhaps these beautiful sceneries cannot be taken home, but I can take them in my digital camera and store them in my usb flash drive. They will be there forever unless my flash drive suddenly breaks down. In one word, there are many exciting events in Hawaii waiting for your coming. Whenever you come, you will not be disappointed at its nature, foods, culture, uniqueness and hospitality.
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