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tap-to-go mixcder hd601 nfc over ear bluetooth headset for music

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-30
Have you ever thought about what makes tap-and-
Go services like app payment and Android payment work?
Yes, I want to know.
I know this technology called \"NFC\" from the ads for Android smartphones.
What is NFC?
\"NFC\", referred to as \"near field communication\", is a wireless data transmission method without internet connection in a short range (about 4 inches).
All you have to do is click the two devices together or get them close to each other.
They\'re connected.
Very simple, right?
In fact, this technology is from RFID (
Radio frequency identification).
After the two NFC devices were turned off, the NFC chips in the two devices were activated and a small amount of data was exchanged between the two devices.
What can I do with near field communication now?
We can do a lot of things with NFC technology.
Here are a few examples: Wireless wallets, instant file sharing like Android Beam, NFC Bluetooth headsets, and more.
Close-range communication technology makes Bluetooth pairing a simple way to plug in cable ads.
How about security guards?
Let\'s solve this terrible problem because NFC chips in your card or phone can\'t be left off unless they are only a few centimeters away from potential thieves.
This is how technology works.
You may have heard of wireless Bluetooth headsets with this technology.
Both Jabra motion and mixcd HD601 headsets support NFC instant pairing.
Jabra motion headphones are mainly used for phone calls.
The Bluetooth headset supports aptX low latency, Bluetooth 4.
2. NFC technology and dual sound effects (
Balanced sound or low bass).
The HD 601 has so many features, why not try this headset?
The price is reasonable, only 99. 99$ per pair.
But be aware that wireless Bluetooth headsets with this technology can match android smartphones with close range communications.
Apple\'s NFC is currently limited to Apple Pay.
If you are looking for a new headset, try the Mixcder HD601 NFC Bluetooth headset, which supports both wireless and wired modes.
I\'m sure HD601 will surprise you.
It currently costs only $50. 99.
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