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the iphone 7 has no headphone jack, so these are your options

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-28
On Wednesday, Apple cut off the wire on the respected headphone jack.
But there are many options to replace it.
After months of rumors, Apple officially eliminated three.
5mm headphone jack on IPhone 7.
But don\'t panic, Apple is tying earbuds with the iPhone 7 plugged into the Lightning connector ---
The connector used to charge the phone is the same.
The IPhone 7 also comes with an adapter that allows you to use the old 3. 5mm headphones.
But this is a temporary solution.
Real deals will come later this fall: Complete
Wireless Apple AirPods and new Beats wireless headsets and headphones. The Apple-
The brand AirPods not only can be connected wirelessly, but there is no cable between the two earbuds. Siri --Apple’s voice-
Digital assistant--
AirPods will be controlled through a built-inin microphone.
The new \"W1\" Apple chipset eliminates the typical Bluetooth pairing process by automatically connecting them to the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2.
They will be on sale at the end of October for $159 and include a case for a fee.
Apple says the interval between the two charges is five hours.
Apple has also introduced three new wireless Beats headsets.
Wireless headphones ($200)
The rated battery life of the Beats sol03 headset is 12 hours ($300)
This is a more traditionalthe-
Headset design, rated for 40 hours, BeatsX headphones ($150)
, 8-hour rating between charges.
Before the launch of the iPhone 7, the Apple store had provided wireless headsets.
Jaybird sells Freedom Wireless Bluetooth headsets at the Apple Store for $200, which will also be available. i. am, with the i.
$230 am EPs Bluetooth wireless headset. And less-
Expensive wireless headset, pump 2 HD more
BlueAnt offers sports Bluetooth headsets for $100.
According to an interview with Buzzfeed by Apple executives, why did Apple abandon the headphone jack Apple canceled the headphone jack for several reasons.
In fact, the headphone jack takes up too much space to use better for camera components, and the Jack also makes it difficult for the phone to be waterproof.
In addition, executives say the headphone jack is too old. “That’s a 50-year-
Old technology, \"Rene Oehlerking, chief marketing officer for headphone maker Jaybird, told Fox News. com.
\"The technology you insert is exactly the same as the technology Sony invented for Walkman insertion.
So the connection to the device is out of date, \"he said. (
The Walkman was first listed in 1979. )“[Apple]
The Apple Watch was launched last year, but there was no headphone jack.
\"So, this has happened,\" he added . \".
Oehlerking also noted that for the first time, sales of wireless headsets and headsets exceeded those of wired headsets, according to market research firm NPD.
IHS Technology, a market researcher, said Apple\'s wireless headset products are comparable to those already in the market.
In an analysis sent to the media on Wednesday, IHS said: \"Apple\'s new products match the technical envelopes already created by competitors in the audio and mobile accessories market, not beyond . \".
\"However, when merged [new Apple]
W1 chipset, the improvement of convenience is offset by. . .
\"Apple shifted the purchase of accessories for iOS device owners from third-party and industry standards, more clearly to Apple\'s own product range,\" IHS said . \".
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