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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-28
Cell phone headsets available at sound id come up with new range of headsets that will sweep of your feet rather than your ears. We guarantee you will not put it down once you started using these products SoundID introduces the personalized sound technology to their consumers with the new range of headsets. The heavy-duty, robust and dynamic Bluetooth cell phone headsets developed to provide a completely revolutionary experience. The most personalized premium Bluetooth headset ever! The new lightweight ergonomic 'Sound ID 510' with 3X Noise Navigation, a noise-cancelling algorithm and advanced sound processing to help eliminate background noise. Multi-point Technology helps users connect with two Bluetooth-enabled phones and answer or call on either phone. Environmental Mode amplifies surrounding allowing clear conversations 'On' and 'Off' the phone. The Sound ID Bluetooth app 'EarPrint' Application, which is compatible only with the Sound ID 510, helps the headset transforms into a fully modified device that create sound clarity without raising the volume. SoundID also offers features such as smooth touch-sensitive volume control, three different sizes on in ear style buds and an over the ear clip with a soft fuzzy to keep your ear from harm, crisp and provide clear audio quality etc. The quality of sound by these Bluetooth headsets is fantastic. Even when driving you have no problem of hearing you dear one on call. So are all set to experience this high quality sound. Visit to experience the sound of future a great place for all kind of Bluetooth accessories. Stop by us today and check it out.
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