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The Purchase Guide of Bluetooth Headset

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-11
Recently, there are various kinds of Bluetooth headsets on the market. How to choose a best one which fits us? Let me give some references to refer to: 1. Basically, all Bluetooth headsets are in common use. Please remember that do not buy a defective product in order to save some money, and it is inconvenient for you to use. 2, Regard to the specification of Bluetooth headset, it has two types: Hand free Profile (HFP) and Headset Pro-file (HSP), which decide the compatibility of headset and cell phone. The HFP means the hands-free function, and the other represents the headset function. We have to research which specification that our cell phones support, and then find the right device to buy. The HFP Bluetooth headset supports most functions of cell phone, we could operate our phones to set redial, call hold, call reject functions and other hands-free options on the headset. The Bluetooth headsets of Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and some other famous brands are almost in support of HFP-based format, and some of them support both HFP and HSP. We should pay particular attention for them. 3, We usually see the figures such as Bluetooth 1.1,1.2,2.0, which represent the different specifications. Currently the most popular one is 1.1. 1.2 is the new mainstream, 2.0 is the one that just came out soon. Bluetooth version is relevant the quality of the received signal, the new version, the stronger signal. Meantime, the newer version is compatible with the previous ones, such as the new Bluetooth 1.2 standard is compatible with 1.1. 4. Another point we need to consider is the transmission distance, which has nothing to do with the Bluetooth version, but the Bluetooth technology Power Class. Now most of the handsets and mobile devices are with Power Class 2, which standard transmission distance is 10 meters; and the upgraded Power Class 1 makes the transmission distance up to 100 meters, and provides Hi-Fi stereo effect. In general, the distance between the phone and Bluetooth headset is not too far, the reliable transfer distance is about 2-3 meters. 5. In addition, whether the standby time of the Bluetooth headset is long enough, is another point we should pay attention to. There are some chargeable headsets on the market, we could choose according to our requirements. There are some other points, such as the after-sale service of products, and avoid throwing heavily, extrusion, wet. 6. Finally, the appearance of Bluetooth headset and comfort of wearing are also the important point for us to note when purchasing. The Bluetooth headset is normally used for a long time, so modeling becomes a basic condition; and each person has different features, we have to try before making decision to see if it wears comfort. This is goodscool exclusive feature article. Goodscool official website ( : one of the best suppliers of China electronics, cell phone accessories, headphones an so on) reserves copyrights of all articles. Welcome to reproduce. Please reserve the information of author and original source of the articles and provide the web link to its original webpage when reproduced. We will share more China wholesale electronics tips, wholesale iPhone accessories tips, wholesale headphones tips in goodscool news and with you.
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