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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-23
Set Aside Time for Faith One of the simplest ways to reconnect with Christ is to set aside time every day. Many believe they simply don't have time to do so, but most can find 10 - 15 minutes a day. For example, they might get up a few minutes early in the morning and sit on their front porch with a cup of coffee while they reflect on their faith. Perhaps others may take a portion of their lunch break to read the Bible. Virtually everyone can find a few minutes a day if they look hard enough. Better Use of Time That's Already Allotted There are also often times within the day that are allotted for other things that could be used to strength the bond of the faithful. Those who make time to go to the gym could read from the scriptures while on the treadmill, or otherwise reflect and meditate on God while exercising. Those who get up early to take a brisk walk around the neighborhood could leave their headphones at home and concentrate on God's beautiful earth all around us. There are often dozens of ways Christ can come through throughout the day. Add Faith-Based Activities to the Daily Routine Experts claim that it takes 30 days to make something a habit. Anyone who's struggling to make time for faith really only has to focus on it for about a month. Once they set aside the same time every day, or start modifying their current routine by using dish-washing time as prayer time, they can continue to do it consistently for one month and it will then become a habit. What does that mean? It means that after a month it will no longer be something that has to be carefully considered, or that needs to be remembered. Instead of having to rely on a sticky note to remember to pray every night, if an individual does it every night for a month, they will simply do it automatically. This is just one example of the way God has hardwired our brains for success. The Buddy System Can Turn It All Around Working with others and setting specific goals can be hugely motivating. Most people who have a relationship with Christ have family members or friends who do as well. course this could mean meeting for services and breakfast on Sunday, but it could also Group activities can be as simple as setting up a daily phone call to discuss the scripture, or taking a walk together to discuss what faith means to one another. Faith is something that brings peace and comfort to our daily lives, yet as we get busier and busier it can be more difficult to prioritize it. The first step is realizing that something needs to be done, and the next step is following any or all of these tips. The way to better faith may take a little getting used to initially, but the rewards are well worth the effort.
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