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The Smartphone industry is getting seriously competitive

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-13
Although this new phone doesn't offer dual core processors, it doesn't mean that the phone is slow. LG MS910 Esteem packs 512 MB ram with a 1GHz CPU, making the phone faster than others in the competition. It seems like LG revolution, looks like LG revolution and feels like LG revolution. It is actually a lot like its predecessor LG Revolution, with a few changes to make it economical and more affordable. Accessories are a very important ingredient of the Smartphone industry. Most of the industries stay entirely focused on the hardware options and forget about this crucial ingredient. LG MS910 accessories are however, already in the market for sale. The highlighted ones are cases and coverings specially designed for LG Esteem. Now, the question arises, why so much focus on accessories such as cases? The answer is simple. The phone is something you pay well for. Something bought with that kind of money should be well cared for and protected. You don't want to spend 379 bucks of your honest money on a cool phone and then watch it getting full of dents and marks. Moreover, the chance of the touch screen breaking due to a hit or fall is always there. To save your phone from such calamities, it is necessary to but a case along with the phone. Therefore, cases count as a very important accessory. If you are a more snap-snappy person, you can get snap-on cases for LG MS910, specially tailored to make a perfect fit. You don't have to worry about not having proper access to volume controls and other buttons. Bluetooth headsets are also a very important accessory in today's world. LG MS910 Accessories comes with a blue tooth 3.0. It means better connectivity and excellent quality of voice in the Bluetooth headsets. It is not yet confirmed whether the cell phone package would contain Bluetooth headphones as an accessory, but Bluetooth headsets will be available in the market specially designed according to the cell's hardware, making your Smartphone your 'personal digital assistant' in its true meaning. Crystal screens and screen protectors are unavoidable when you are using a touch screen phone. Touch screen needs to be well cared for if you want it to last longer. For that purpose, crystal skins and screen protectors specially designed to fit LGMS910 Esteem's screen will be in market as soon as the phone is out. A Smartphone is important, but accessories which come along with it are even more so.
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