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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-24
With a capsule impedance of 16 Ohm, the DTX 50 has been optimally adapted to the outputs of mobile appliances and is thus very well suited for use with current MP3 players. Small but powerful, the new DTX 50 from beyerdynamic is the perfect solution for your MP3 player. In contrast to standard in-ear phones the DTX 50 is placed deeply into the auditory canal. This direct linking of the acoustic transducers to the air in front of the tympanic membrane allows the DTX 50 to reproduce and transmit ultra-deep bass frequencies. Beyerdynamic DTX 50 Technical Details 10 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response Portable black in-ear headphones built exclusively for mobile audio applications Designed to sit deep in the auditory canal for maximum, ultra-deep bass efficiency Noise-isolating design minimizes outside audio for better dynamic performance and clarity Includes 3 pairs of silicone ear pads in different sizes Because the converters of the DTX 50 close the auditory canal airtight via replaceable silicone sleeves, it almost perfectly isolates the disturbances penetrating from the outside. This also applies the other way round. Even at high volumes, nothing penetrates to the outside. Also, the high acoustic isolation also has a positive effect on the sound: as a result of the low static noise, even the finest of dynamic sound structures can be heard with the DTX 50, you can hear the grass grow. Furthermore, the transducer diaphragms hardly have to move which results in low distortions providing an extraordinary clear and transparent sound. With an extremely low weight and an insensitive design, the Beyer Dynamic DTX 50 is also first choice for sportsmen who like music: be it running, mountain biking or spinning in the fitness studio the converter systems of the DTX 50 cannot be shaken off and always remain in position, even in the most abrupt of head movements. Due to its closed design, outside distractions are totally minimized and the enjoyment of music will not disturb others. The acoustical isolation results in a perfect sound with smooth mids and well-defined highs. With the DTX 50 you can enter a world of the ultimate personal audio experience. The 16 ohm impedance allows connecting the DTX 50 to the output of MP3 players. The DTX 50 is available in white or black. Delivery includes three pairs of silicon ear-pieces. All beyerdynamic headphones include a 2 year parts and labor warranty serviceable in the U.S.A. The Author have been writing articles for years. Not only does he specialize in Credit and Debt, you can also check out his latest website: Where he review the Best Noise Canceling Headphones...Such as the beyerdynamic DT 235 Headphone
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