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There are tons and tons of ways to show that you

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-07-02
Cook it: There is a general saying ' The way to a man's heart is through his stomach' Men love eating. Cook for him, this is something not every girl does for him after his mother. So, if you will be the one doing it then of course he'll feel so very special. You love him, and then of course you would know his favorite dish. Cook it and present it in a beautiful way. We women are an expert in it. Aren't we?! Watches: Men also love watches and I am not talking about cheap ones. Invest in good branded watch. Few of them like Tissot, GUESS, Tommy Hilfiger or the latest G- Shock watch. He would love you so much more for this. For the music freak: If he is passionate about music, what could be more amazing than gifting him the whole set of music CD's of his favorite artist. Electronics: iPod's, MP3 players, Xbox, or the latest Samsung itab, foot massager, laptops and its accessories, Smart Phones,3D Televisions, The iPad, HD Video Cameras, the skull candy earphones, well, there's no end to it. Video games: Playing games is his past time just like we have shopping; it is not a crime to let him play. Get him the game he's had his eye on for a while, let your 'guy' side out and see the magic. You'll have a better understanding of him. For the love of Sports: If your man loves sport, Gifts for Him his favorite sport articles. You can gift jersey's, top grip balls (basketball, football, volleyball etc.), sports shoes (like football studs eh?) While this list is full of materialistic things, non materialistic things matter equally. So here we present you with ideas you'll love and he'll love you even more for. Set up a candle light dinner: At home or at a restaurant, decorate the space beautifully. With candles and scented aroma, he'll fall in love with you all over again. Take him to test drive his dream car: Even though you can't buy him that, just taking him to test drive the car he drools on. Handmade gifts: Even though the market is flooded with all types of gifts - pricy and cheap, small and big but handmade gifts lives on forever. Cards, photo frames, wall hangings. And at last, stand by him, trust him, be there when he needs you and love him with all your heart.
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