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Use Headrest Monitor To Build A Car Theatre In

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-29
In modern society, people who own cars like to go somewhere driving their cars. When staying in a vehicle, especially in a long-distance journey, it is really very important for people to have some entertainment enjoyments during the driving, or the trip must be rather boring and dull. Headrest car DVD, one of the popular car DVD players, is able to build a 'car theatre' in your vehicle to offer you an enjoyable journey. Just like other car DVD players, the headrest DVD can offer multiple functions of in-car entertainment. You can enjoy beautiful music and other interesting radio programs via the radio station. With a built-in TV tuner, you can watch wonderful TV shows as such a unit is able to display different TV programs as if you are sitting in front of a television at home. Also, a headrest DVD player usually supports memory storage devices such USB sticks, SD cards, MMC cards and MS cards, thus you are allowed to play songs, videos, movies and other digital files from a USB stick, a SD card and etc.. Many headrest DVDs supports USB stick and SD card up to 32 GB, this will certainly offering you more options of entertainment. What is better, passengers sitting in back seats can also play exciting video games on the headrest car DVD. Some advanced headrest DVD models also support double-player games, which i believe is really an attractive in-car entertainment for the little kids. Apart from above audio and video entertainment, headrest DVD player also has many other advantages. As well all know, the headrest DVD players are usually sold in pairs and have two separately running monitors, which can be the most special design of such a DVD player. They also provide two earphones or headsets plug into each monitor. Such design can effectively prevent mutual interference between passengers so that one can listen to the favorite songs on one monitor while another can watch TV shows on the other monitor. Thus passengers can enjoy different entertainment programs at the same time. Of course people can together also view the same program or the same movie. That's the main reason why headrest car DVD can be used to build a 'car theatre' in the vehicle. Headrest monitors are usually easy to operate, you can use the remote control or the touch screens that enable you to operate the car DVD system through on-screen menu. Installation of the headrest monitor is also pretty easy, and some even can completely replace your original headrests, which makes it conveniently to use the same headrest DVD in different vehicles. All in all, headrest car DVD can provide various in-car entertainment for you. With it, you are able to build a small but wonderful 'car theatre' in the vehicle, which no doubt brings you much pleasure during the car trip.
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