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When life really gets on top of us, it's interesting

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-21
Unfortunately for many of us, exercise is one of the first things to go. While we all know that we should work out and get into shape - and that it's good for us to do so - missing a session doesn't have any immediate repercussions unlike forgoing calling our nan, or not completing some urgent work. We always feel that we can 'work out harder tomorrow' to make up for it, but of course this can become a promise that we never keep. The solution then if you find your workouts often being pushed out, is to learn to multitask while you train. In other words, if you don't have time to workout because you need to attend to some other commitment first - consider doing both at the same time. Confused? Then read on for some good ways to multitask while training. Correspondence The easiest thing to do while working out is to catch up with friends or make important calls. All you need is a good hands free kit, and you will be able to have a full on chat whether you're curling the weights, jogging on your treadmill or using an elliptical trainer. Of course you may sound a little out of breath, but no more so that you would be chatting to a training partner while you work out. Entertainment If you find working out boring then a great way to overcome this problem is to start consuming media while you train. If you have a treadmill or another CV machine in your home then this is particularly easy - you can simply push it in front of the television and watch your favourite show while you burn off the calories. Alternatively though, you can always bring your iPad to the gym with headphones and catch up on some TV or films that way. Another one is to read - and if you set a Kindle up with a large font it's actually possible to read fairly easily while you're jogging. If that's reading that you need to do for work then you can save time later too. Work If you need to do any kind of work whether it's cleaning the house or writing an essay, then there are ways you can do that while working out. The best way to do this is to alternate - so that you write 50 words between sets for instance. Most of us rest for about 2-3 minutes between sets anyway, so if in that time you can write 50-100 words then you'll get a full and normal workout and have around 1,000-2,000 words to show for it at the end. Revision meanwhile is even easier to do while training, and if you pin up some notes in the same room you can do any exercise while absorbing that knowledge.
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