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by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-06-21
The Wireless Features Define This ProductOnce you set up these headphones and put the transmitter into position, you should be able to listen to the sounds coming from your TV without any interference as long as you are less than 100 feet away from your transmitter. This distance should be sufficient for you to listen to the TV at full volume even if you are in another room. Any small house means that all rooms should have wireless coverage.We think the $20 Price is Just RightThe build quality and audio quality is nothing to brag about but once again, this is a Myzone Headphones review that is purely focused on TVs so it is most important for the wireless features to work and for the headphones to be comfortable. Fortunately, these boxes are ticked and as long as you do not expect the headphones to do other things like connecting to other devices, you should be satisfied with the performance of the My Zone Headphones and the low price point is certainly fair for what is offered. Lloyd Smith built his own home entertainment system and he always looks for new gadgets for the household. To share Lloyd's collection, please visit his MyZone Headphones Review blog where you will find his latest review on MyZone Headphones.
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