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wireless headphones like apple airpods ‘could pose cancer risk’ say 250 scientists who warn trendy in-ear headphones could beam ‘dangerous radiation’ directly into the head

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-28
Experts warn that wireless headsets can pose a risk of cancer because potentially dangerous radiation can be transmitted to the user\'s head.
Up to 250 scientists have signed petitions from the United Nations and the World Health Organization to warn against the use of a large number of wireless devices.
Wireless headsets are very popular: about 28 million Apple AirPods have been sold worldwide since their launch in 2016 to solve the problem of tangled headsets.
Like many modern technologies, AirPods and similar Samsung Galaxy Buds use Bluetooth technology --
An electro-magnetic frequency (EMF)
Radio waves that can transmit data.
They use this to transfer music from the wearer\'s phone or tablet to their ears.
However, due to the inner skull close to the user, some experts are concerned that it may have an adverse effect on health.
Jerry Phillips, professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado, told the media: \"My concern about AirPods is that their position in the ear canal exposes the tissue of the head to a relatively high Radio level
Frequency radiation.
He is one of the many scientists who signed a petition calling for \"protection\" of the technology.
It wrote: \"peer-based
Reviewing, published research, we have serious concerns about the widespread and increasing exposure of EMF generated by power and wireless devices.
\"It mentions cancer, neurological diseases, and DNA damage as one of the possible hazards associated with EMF exposure in some studies.
The petition added that the International Agency for Cancer Research recently identified EMF as \"likely to cause cancer\" to humans \".
EMF is a form of radio waves, similar-
But powerful or dangerous-X-rays or UV.
At high levels, EMF produces heat, causing burns and affecting the growth of human cells.
But in general, the scientific community is not yet relatively low on a large number
Exposure level of the magnetic field.
Kenneth Foster, a professor of bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania, insists that on the whole, the evidence suggests the use of EMF-
Launch device.
\"In all directions, there are thousands of papers of different quality and health related,\" he said.
Professor Foster added,
Select data to prove the connection to the disease
\"There is no credibility in these arguments.
\"The World Health Organization still believes it is necessary to develop guidelines for the level of EMF equipment that allows exposure.
But the new petitioners warn that even these guidelines can be dangerous --
More research is needed.
The petition added: \"The agencies that set safety standards failed to develop sufficient guidelines to protect the public, especially children who are more vulnerable to the impact of the EMF.
\"Without action, the World Health Organization has not played its role as an outstanding international public health institution.
\"Apple has responded to previous statements about radiation risk, saying that its devices comply with all guidelines and regulations.
Sun Online has reached out to Apple for comment.
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