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xiaomi mi sports bluetooth headset launched with ipx4 resistance against sweat

by:ROYAL TANIC     2020-03-25
Xiaomi\'s portfolio is very broad and the company has now added another product to the portfolio.
The Chinese company has introduced the Mi Sports Bluetooth headset, which, by definition, can be used in Sports activities such as running, jogging or fitness.
The price of headphones is 149 yuan (roughly Rs. 1,500)
Provided by Xiaomi, the purchase will begin on November 11.
The Xiaomi Mi sports Bluetooth headset uses Bluetooth version 4.
1, can be connected at the same time with two devices.
It is IPx4 grade and therefore has splash-proof performance to ensure that users are not worried about sweating when using headphones.
Bluetooth headset has a built-in
Ear design with loop, even if the user\'s ear may move at a faster speed, it can be wrapped around the ear.
The headset is rather light and weighs about 17 lbs. 8 grams.
The Mi Sports Bluetooth headset comes with a 110 mAh battery, which the company claims can last up to 7 hours.
The company claims that the headphones have been tested and can work in extreme environments and run between the following temperatures20-
Degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsiusdegree Celcius.
In addition, the company also provides five different sizes and shapes of earmuffs through the Mi Sports Bluetooth headset, which is said to provide different functions.
Like most of the company\'s other products, Mi Sports Bluetooth will only be available in China at the time of launch, and it is unlikely to be sold abroad even later.
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